Recommendation for sustainable active noise cancelling headphones

Was wondering if anyone has recommendations here for an active on/over ear noise cancellation headphone that is up-to-par with the sustainiability and fairness goals of FairPhone? I have the in-ear Fairhpone headset, but wanted to get something that is worn on or over the ears.

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House of Marley probably:
And here’s another topic about eco friendly headphones: Eco-friendly earbuds
although the question is about ear buds, some of the mentioned manufacturers are offering on/over ear headphones too.


Hi! If you are from the Netherlands, I can really recommend the headphones from Gerrard Street.

They are modular and you can either rent them or buy them with free repairs for the rest of your life. I have used one myself (though not the noise-cancelling model) for over a year and I really like the quality. I think you can also have a trial period if you contact them :slight_smile:


WF1000XM3 are relatively cheap now, have great ANC, and the batteries are user replaceable.

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Thanks @JeroenH - but where did you see the information that the battery is user replaceable? Couldn’t find this on the Sony site.

Technically not user replaceable. It needs opening and would void the warranty

See also

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Warranty (2y) is already void when you are going to replace battery


Guess what Fairphone themselves just released: True Wireless Earbuds | Fairphone

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Yes but there’s no ‘sustainable’ issue with the product, i.e. no spare parts, charger, separate ear buds, removable battery etc.

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