Eco-friendly earbuds

Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend good eco-friendly wireless earbuds that work well on fairphone 3? Thanks!


I’m not aware that electronics can be eco-freindly, however there are earbuds that hope to convince purchase by claims they may not be ‘so bad’ for the environment’ just slower exploitation. :slight_smile:

Still who cares?

There’s little reason any common bluetooth consumer product won’t connect to Fairphones bluetooth


The search for headphone and ecological resulted - even on the first page in those articles:

And some brands:

The brands listed in the above articles are:

Others seem to be already out of business:

  • woodbuds
  • GrooveMagnet
  • Jamboo
  • Grain Audio

Longer search might lead to even more actual results.


A lot of brands boast recycled materials. But the elephant in the room is human itself, not the plastics.


thanks everyone for your feedback!

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The most eco-friendly earbuds are probably the ones you already have.


If you are looking for headphones, I personally like the brand Gerrard Street. There you can either rent them, or buy them with a life-long (probably as long as the company exists) support. The headphones are modular as well. I do not know if they use any recycled materials.

Honestly I would recommend looking into buying used headphones. Maybe this advice isn’t as applicable for earbuds as headphones, but you can find pretty good quality electronics used, lengthening their lifespan substantially.

Edit: Just as an aside if you want a warranty be on the lookout for refurbished electronics, which don’t have as high of a perceived risk as simply buying the product used.


I can second this. Excellent headphones with lifetime repair if a piece is broken. I’m not sure if they offer headphones outside The Netherlands though. An they definately don’t have earbuds.


Well, they don’t even seem to have an english language homepage.
And the address-field for ordering offers:

  • Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • UK

That’s it (so far).

Here’s a short article (in English), listing some milestones

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You can rent them on this French cooperative for more sustainable electronics’ website: Page Son - Commown
You can rent the FP3 as well.


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