Recently used apps

After installing 1.8, in the home screen(s) the specific screen with recently used apps which existed before has disappeared. I hoped it might come back after I used my phone for a while, but it hasn’t.

Also there was a right column with five apps (email, contacts, settings, messages, and one I forget).

How can I get this homescreen back ?

You can place this widget back by doing the following steps:

  • Go to your Fairphone’s homescreen
  • Tick on the settings button (the left bottom button)
  • Tick on the button called widgets
  • Search for a widget called “Your apps” (it is probably the last one in the long list)
  • Hold it and go with your finger to the right edge of the screen and drop it on a new empty screen

More explained on how to make new screens explained in this video.

Cheers :]

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