Receiving the delivery - must be me?

Hi you guys,
first off: thx to PF for their work, the project and the general idea & motivation behind it!

So here´s my problem:
I´m # 12415, waiting for the better part of 3 month now -which is ok, because I knew that beforehand.
So I´m guessing MAYBE I could receive my order during the next couple o´weeks…
Now, next week I need to leave for a Job for 5 weeks. Spontaneously & unplanned.
I can not receive my FP personally and neither am I staying at one place during that job.

Still,there IS someone there (at the delivery-adress stated with you) who
could receive the delivery or go get it from the next DHL/postal office.
My question:
Is the package some kind of “post-ident” -package that only I personally can pick up?
Or could I solve that problem by leaving my girlfriend some kind of pre-prepared authorization from me in order to pick up my phone?
Maybe some guys here who´ve already received their FP could provide that information, too!

Thanks so much for your help!!
HolgerI’m #12415

Continuing the discussion from Fairphone Delivery Agony thread:

As far as I know, It’s just a regular package, like you would get from Amazon etc. Have you thought about just changing your shipment address?

My (1st batch) phone was delivered to my home address while I was at work. My gf was at home then and accepted the package, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem for you.

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thanks Jerry, that´s what I needed to know!

Alright, thanks Madde. Shipment adress change wouldn´t do the trick. As I wrote, I´m not staying in one place those 5 weeks…

Beware, I followed the exact instructions and changed my delivery address. But, the phone got delivered to the address that was on the initial order! I had to arrange re-delivery from overseas, which was very painful and costly. FP helpdesk said they would help but didn’t actually call DHL, so the phone was stuck for 3 weeks in their depot.

Hi Sophie,
I´m sorry to hear that. This thread is not about changing your delivery adress, though. I just needed to know whether one needs to personally receive the parcel or if someone else but me (my spouse, my room mate etc.) can also accept the parcel. thx for your input, though!

have you tried changing the shipment address to another person?
That’s basically what you want to do, isn’t it?

OK Holger, fair enough! Just needed to rant a bit :slight_smile: I think that yes, people can receive it for you just like any other DHL, but there should be someone (the courrier came twice to my former address and they didn’t leave it to the concierge).

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