Fairphone Delivery Agony thread

I just repost my post from blog:
I would like to know how can it be that somebody who placed an order after me with order number 14xx (my order number is 118x) has a queue number <1000 and I have a queue number >7500 ???
Since it has been communicated that the earlier you ORDER a phone the earlier you will get it!
I placed my order on May 19th, how can it be that I have such a high queue number?

I received the confirmation of payment by the end of May and I have a queue number around 113XX. Do we seriously have to count the first digit on the left…? :slight_smile:
I am surprised by the huge number of fairphones supposely sold (before my purchase) by the end of May regarding the current number…

Hi Lena and Edouard,

We updated the blogpost to be more clear on which number is the number you can use for tracking, so please revisit it.

Then the queue number is generated based on the date and time that your paid your order, so the number you have depends on that moment and not the order date. We are working hard to make sure the next batches of Fairphones shipped out will reflect this number.

I think I have perfectly understood the update from the blog, this is precisely why I am surprised that a payment confirmation received the 29May is ranked 11XXX in the queue line…
But anyway I am not mad, just surprised

Now I can understand that, because the queue number reflect the paid order… “Bad luck” for me that I choosed to wire the money via bank transfer (which I did at once I ordered the phone)
Maybe for the next time Fairphone could communicate it more clear that it is not “the earlier you order” but “the earlier the money is on the account”

Hello to all !
I was wondering : if you chose to receive your phone via DHL and you are not at you home when it arrives, how does it work ? Do we have to be at home or we miss it ? where it will be sent if we’re not there ?
Thanks for you answer!
I think I have never used DHL before !

But it seems that there is a problem with the processing of payments. I ordered on June 20th and paid the same day and I received the confirmation email (with queue number #18794) only today. So, no, it does not seem based on the day you pay but on the day the payment is processed (a software glitch?)

It is indeed correct that the number is based on the moment your payment is processed! So especially with bank transfer this can result in a delay between moment of payment and the time it is processed, because it takes time for them to arrive in our account.

Well I can answer to my question for others : DHL leaves a note to tell you someone tried to deliver your package and bring it back to a center. After you have to call or do something to plan an other delivery or you have to ask that you package be delivered to a place closer to your house (a DHL center again I guess) and you can pick it yourself.
But I am wondering if DHL will be able to leave a note for me as mailboxs in my building are after a secured door that you can only open with a code that I did’nt give to DHL !!
Bye !!

Hello Fairphone people!

I’m #825. My status has been “awaiting shipment” since yesterday. Your recent update to the blog post says buyers with a queue number lower than 1920 should have gotten an email by 30 July, but I still haven’t received any email. Is this normal? I would really like to get my phone by the end of the week.

Thank you!

I’m #410. My status has been “awaiting shipment” for almost a week now. No email so far.

Hi @mb89,

Your queue number (top-right corner of confirmation e-mail) is 410? And your status is still “awaiting shipment”? Then that should not be the case, please write customer support at www.fairphone.com/support.

The question still applies to #825 - is this normal that my status is still “awaiting shipment” and that I accordingly also haven’t received an email yet?

Hi @Eyal_D,

It’s not a hard and fast rule but as mentioned in the blog, if your queue number (the one with lines around it in a confirmation e-mail) is below 1920 (as of 30 July) than you should have received an e-mail by now or your account should be “Complete” with a tracking number.

Please write www.fairphone.com/support under Orders with your name and number. They will help you there!

Thanks for your reply, @joe ! I just got my Fairphone (yay!!) although my status is still “awaiting shipment”. Thanks a lot anyway and keep on doing a great job!


Hello Fairphone ! I am writing to you from my Fairphone that I have just received and i wanted to thank you ! :smile:
Bye !


Things are still moving, think we will see 3000 Fairphone have been shipped to the customers by today. :smile:

If you compare to e.g. the OnePlus One things are moving fast. :wink:

Fear not… It will arrive :slight_smile: mine is marked awaiting despatch on website…?. And arrived today! So excited


Sorry but… where can I find the queue number? I ordered in may but the order status is still “Processing”.


Hi @Julien_Pomart

just take a look at the blogpost: http://www.fairphone.com/2014/07/25/second-batch-delivery-begins/