Receiving phone calls on the two sim cards

With the dual sims, can we have the two sims always activated to RECEIVE phone calls and text messages from both of the sims? I understood we can choose from which sim we want to call, but it s not clear for me if for receiving calls both numbers can be called or if it s only the selected sim that can be called.

And an other question, is there any website or forum in french?

Thank you in advance.

I don’t know but I guess it wouldn’t make much sense to have 2 sim cards if you couldn’t recieve calls and texts with both.
but you could simply give it a try: borrow a second sim card from a friend, put it in your fairphone and see if you can recieve calls from both numbers.

I don’t know of a french fairphone forum, but you can post topics in french here. there are many french users on this forum.
maybe this thread could interest you: multilingual forum

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To my knowkedge the only limitation regarding the 2 SIMs concerns 3G, that you only can have on one single SIM (also maybe MMS handling, but I’m not sure)
à part ça il y a ici un méga-fil de discussion rassemblant en vrac toutes les interventions en français, ce qui est assez inefficace, et je conseille également de faire un saut du côté du sondage autour des discussions “pas en anglais” indiqué précédemment.
Je ne pense pas qu’il y ait suffisamment d’utilisateurs français pour faire tourner un forum complet dans ce langage; ici, en anglais, on est à peine assez pour avoir un minimum de réactivité déjà…

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The only other restriction is that when one SIM is on a call, the other SIM is deactivated - you can’t get a call on both SIMs at the same time.

I live abroad, so I use one slot for my current country and one for my home country number. I have no problem receiving sms or calls on both SIMs :slight_smile:

Not exactly a reason to revive a year-old topic.