Rebuying campaign FP2 -> FP3?

I’ll like to change my FP2 with a FP3 … Is their any rebuying/discount/recycling campaign for my FP2 currently ? I saw such a campaign but it seems closed now. Thanks.

I’ll like to get rid of my FP2 and get a FP3 … but I see any recycling mean or discount currently. Does anyone know if I can send my FP2 back ?

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I’m not sure if you have noticed that Fairphone is about to reveal a new product – which many expect to be a Fairphone 4 – in less than two weeks:

I don’t know if the Recycling Program will be resumed at the same time, but maybe you will want to wait with your decision until the 30th.


oh … can be interesting.

but I will hesitate : if I got a brand new FP4, I guess it will come with lots of bugs in comparision with a quite “well known” FP3. My experience with the FP2 is not very good for that (I got an out-of-the-box out-of-order FP2 during 6 f***ing months until a new firmware release solve the problem).

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It depends. The FP3(+) got a software update that introduced some nasty bugs recently. At least, you are informed about the current issues, while an FP4 has not hit the market, yet…

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Fairphone did buy a Fairphone 2 for 75 Euros (IIRC) if you bought a Fairphone 3 and sent the 2 back to them but that was long ago. But maybe they’ll do such a recycling action again with the 4? Who knows.

You might want to consider this offer

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in that case it is interesting … 75€ is not negligible compared to the price of the FP4 (unless it’s much more expensive Than the 3 ?

Well, rumours suggest just that…


the thing is, I’m fundamentally not interested by a discount (however, if possible, it’s nice !) but by a recycling process (which must be better if done by the producer of the product than by a general harvesting).


The Nantes Angel would most likey take the FP2 as a gift to repair and reuse what ever can be reused #fairphoneangels


Fairphone say their recycling program will start again in 2021, and they might do refurbished phones as well as recycling:

That’s me, and I may be interested indeed, although I already have quite a few core-modules lying around.


oh, you recycle / refurbish FP2 ? my core is damage (3G/4G antenna are weak), my microphone is dead but screen and cameras are OK. is it still of interest ? how does recycling process work ?

Well, I don’t recycle anything no, I’m just an amateur who likes opening phones :wink: I try to repair what I can, I try to make it work again, but nothing assured. If ever one day I have a lot of unexploitable modules I’ll just send everything back to Fairphone for it to be recycled, I should be able to get at least one full completely defective FP2 with all the parts I have.
Also when I try to refurbish FP2s, there is absolutely no guarantee it will work correctly, and I have neither the time nor the means to do extensive testing.

That might be an antenna problem, I have a spare one I could build in.

Not surprising, but that wouldn’t be a problem for me, I use some FP2s for beta testing and don’t need a working microphone for this.


Alex.A : are you the Nantes Angel ? et dans ce cas pourriez-vous me guider dans les étapes pour comprendre et corriger le reboot de mon FP ? voir > FP2 : reboot, on and on and on and on
merci d’avance. CS

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