Reboot while streaming online radio & youtube

When streaming online radio, youtube or browsing reddit for a long time. The phone reboots.

Every morning I get up, start the Browser and surf to my radio station’s streaming website and listen to music from radio while doing my morning routine.

The phone usually is sitting on the loading bay of my Phillips AS111 Speaker, connected by Bluetooth.

With a 90% accuracy, meaning 4 out of 5 days, within the first 5-10 minutes of streaming, the phone just stops streaming, disconnects bluetooth, reboots, connects bluetooth and sits there, like nothing happened. When I start streaming again, it works no problem until i am out of the house.

So my experience with my Fairphone begins with a reboot.
Every day.

CurrentOS: FP2@OpenFP 16.11, but this happens since i have the phone (July/August 2016)
Browser: Lightning, most recent version; Stock browser that comes with the OpenFP
Connection: WiFi and SIM card
Streaming site:
Bluetooth Speaker: Phillips AS111

This also happens after listening to a few youtube songs (using the browser or the app NewPipe), or browsing reddit for a while (using the app Reddit Is Fun)

What I did so far

  • try daily driver browser (Lightning)
  • other browsers (Stock browser, Chromium, Opera, Firefox)
  • WLAN only
  • SIM only
  • removed all cards, used WLAN only
  • audio via Bluetooth
  • audio via phone speaker
  • different router
  • different router with different internet connection (friends house)
    No change in behavior.

What i still need to do

  • safe mode
  • lobotomization
  • Cleaning all the connections
  • Send in Phone: Do I get a replacement during the repair process?

What I think
I am not a phone programmer, but I believe there is some kind of memory leak. After the reboot in the morning, let’s say it’s on 0 again. Then, during the day, the memory gets filled with garbage to some degree.
Come morning, the streaming gets the barrel to overflow - and reboots my phone.

What I am going to try
While writing this post, some other thing came to mind.

  • Reboot the phone prior starting the streaming

Anything I am missing?

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