Reboot/test by accident?

I’m not sure how I created this problem, but it is a real problem… (panic!).
I have my Fairphone for a week now and also a printed case.
Just now, I switched of the power of my phone, removed the case and opende my phone, because I wanted to check something inside.

I closed the phone, clicked on the case and pushed the power button again.
But… I had the case upside down, so I think I accidently pushed the power button and the sound-button at the same time.

Now I have Chinese caracters and some kind of test program running… After testing sound, and camera and many Chinese characters, I have a Test Report on my screen, but I can’t get anywhere. Turning of the phone, does not work, the testing starts over again.

Help! I don’t have a working phone right now…

Try to just take out the battery again, maybe the phone then leaves the factory testing firmware.


That worked, thank you!