Rear camera not working

My rear camera doesn’t work at all, when I’m in the camera app, or using the camera in any other app, I only have the option of using the front selfie camera (which has a strange over sharpened quality - especially on video calls). when I press the icon on the scree to swap camera lese is just flickers for a min and doesn’t change. I’ve tried other camera app, I’ve tried clearing the cache and data on the camera app, and even done a factory reset but nothings made a difference. It happened about 3 weeks into using it.

I also find the touch screen really unresponsive sometimes and the whole thing a bit slow.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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Did you try to open the phone, maybe clean the contacts and reassamble it?


Hi RFHall and welcome to the community forum!

Could you just indicate which OS and version?

For the “oversharpened” selfie thing did you see this thread?

Did anything out of the ordinary happen just then, any special context? and how long ago was that?

But like Volker says, it sounds like a faulty contact somewhere (not necessarily the camera module itself, could be elsewhere …)


Hi RFHall Welcome to the forum
To add to the above queries
a) do you use an SD card and how is it formatted
b) Have you thought it may be an app interference ir overload which you can check via a Safe Mode start
c) If you have data backups you could do a factory reset



I have the same issue. Rear cam not working.

i have bought a new camera part, installed it, and thereafter it never worked.

Tried reset, tried to re-install the camera (fysically).

pls help

Hi @Jasper_Stam Welcome to the forum.

Which camera part ? Did you update the rear camera module and still have the older 12MPx one. ? Can you change it back to see if it works?

I’d be suspicious of a poor connection, hopefully not a damaged one

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