FP3+ Camera Oversharpened/Low Quality: LOS18

Hi everyone,

I’m having two issues with my FP3+ (LOS18) and the new camera module. When in a video call (and seemingly in bright light) the front camera’s quality is severely reduced

In camera apps, the viewfinder shows an oversharp and moire-y view, especially on patterned objects. The resulting photo is fine, but it can be distracting and not realistic when looking at the preview before taking.

Anyone else have these issues?

Not on default OS so I added tags to the title to clarify for searches etc.


Thanks amoun! I’d be interested to see if default OS (or /e/) users also experience this. If not, I can focus my reports to the LOS thread and devs.


Hmmm! Never seen this mentioned before and I’ve been on forum daily for about a year :frowning:

I’ll pop this in to the LOS thread too.

Worth noting the low quality image is from a Whatsapp video call. The camera view for a photo is much better.

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I have the exact same problem with my fairphone 3+. In the normal Kamera-App the pictures is fine, but when using whatsapp camera it makes me look 10 years older with every pore oversharpend.

The problem is with the standart OS.

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I’m glad it’s not just me! I’ve found the quality is marginally better (at least with no oversharpened pores) when I’m in shadow/dark room. The moment I’m in some sort of light it makes my nose look like a blackhead festival.

When i am facing the window its fine, if i facing sideways to the window it gets this bad.

Have you tried any other apps, like Signal/Telegram? I wondered if Whatsapp was incorrectly dealing with the FP3+ 64mp camera.

I also get some minor moire/oversharpness in the camera app (not in resulting photos though), similar to what you see when you watch a 4k video in a much smaller window.

Correction: I meant 16mp camera.

Does anyone who has the FP3 front camera module, or even possibly a FP3 with the upgraded module, also encounter these issues?