Reading out internal memory on FP3

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since my FP3 died and there is no way of fixing it I want to try to get at least my pictures of the internal memory. Does anybody know a way to read out the internal memory of a broken main module? Or does anybody know places (in germany) that offer that service for an affordable price?

Thanks in advance!

P.S.: Apperantly there is no way to bring the phone back to life. I tried many things also with a lot of help of this forum (Fairphone 3 is dead - #19 by OldRoutard) but nothing worked.

P.P.S.: No, I dont have a backup. Learned my lesson though…

Someone found this… Hier kostet die Datenrettung von einem defekten Smartphone ab 380 Euro

Or this

Not sure if anyone ever used it, so no experience or recommendation.


Hi, all.

The data partition of modern android systems is encrypted by default. This is the main reason, why you have to re-install everything, when you decide to change from (lets say) Stock ROM to LOS, or back.
The encryption key does not survive, as it is on one of the partitions that get wiped.
A data recovery service needs to recover not only your data partition, but the key as well.
If your data is worth it, and your data can be restored, 380€ seems to be a reasonable price.
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