Random vibration

So my FP2 is randomly vibrating (set to vibrate), though there is no notification. Has this happened to anybody before?

I know the bottom module is broken, I’m in the process of replacing it. Is the vibration function part of the bottom module?

Yes, but random vibrations seem more like a software thing to me.

Do you mean it is in silent mode with vibration on?
Do you also get random vibrations or random notification sounds if you leave silent mode?

Do you per chance use OpenTasks? I was chasing random vibrations without visible notification. In the end, they were caused by opentasks, and after disallowing vibration for that app it was gone


I’m having the same phenomenon. In my case, however, the vibrations usually seem to occur after I update one task. Directly after that, OpenTasks seems to vibrate for every other (open / due / overdue) task, even though I did not change them.

Do you have your network search on automatic or manual?
Sometimes I choose to set the network on manual to prevent it from switching to foreign networks when I am near a border. Result: everytime I loose the network (underground etc.), I get a notification, which disappears when I recover network. So sometimes it vibrates in my pocket but by the time I pick ip the phone, there is no notification left.

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