Random Screen dimming (while brightness slider stays at 100%) after A12 update

Sure but the thread title currently states “Random brightness decrease after A12 update”, and mine was a “random brightness increase”, so I thought this might be on topic…

If you want to limit it to the specific cases of random change without slider movement, feel free, after all you’re the boss here…

Yes and you read the topic as well before, so since when are titles perfectly reflecting the topic🤔

That might be true but it’s not really an argument against posting my specific case here either, is it. Anyway, whatever.

To get back on topic, brightness management seems utterly broken after the latest update (April 5), at least on my FP4. First of all, it takes 5-10 seconds to react to a brightness change – if it does (many times adaptative brightness simply doesn’t work at all, sometimes for a whole day), and when it does, it doesn’t chose a brightness and stay with it, it changes its mind after a while: Goes dark, then, after 5 seconds, goes even darker. Or bright, and then even brighter. Go figure. :thinking:

Still not the topic so maybe open a seperate topic.

this topic here is about a screen that dims, while the brightness stays at 100%.

Strange moves of the slider are a different story especially when this assumption is correct

@rokejulianlockhart I amended the title, if you dont agree let me know


Thanks! Hopefully this can be fixed. I believe I have seen Max brightness and it is totally sufficient (when randomly allowedl!

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i have the same issue :frowning:


If you use the smartphone for a long time, the display dims itself at some point, even though it is 100%. But there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. At some point it will work again.


I moved your posts here to not duplicate topics (the other user still need to confirm the issue is the same)

This issue is not tolerable. It exists since 3,5 months now. Why can’t they fix it? Worst phone experience I ever had.


Got the same issue. This is extremely irritating and since the screen is not that bright to begin with it renders the phone completely unusable in bright environments. Not getting fixed for months is embarassing really. This should be addressed and fixed by FP asap.

I really like the FP idea and I really like the FP4. But they really need to get their software development together. Bugs for months, extremely slow updates, where is android 13 … seriously …


You must note that ‘fixing’ A12 takes a bit of effort especially when an update to fix one issue seems to initiate another issue.

Then if there is work on A13 that takes a toll, and then there will be complaints for A13

There is a Beta team of user that hopefully will find a few issues with the A13 that as we ‘speak’ are being worked on.

Noting the work required for the A12 on the FP4 Fairphone the A12 is being skipped on the FP3 so it will go from A11 to A13

I imagine the A13 will be soon maybe even the next OS update :slight_smile:

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I got angry again yesterday. I was at the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring and the weather was pleasantly good. It was very bright and after I transferred a few pictures from my DSLR to my FP4 and wanted to look at them, the display suddenly went dark again, even though it was set to 100% brightness. I couldn’t do anything but try it a little later. This is really a very troubling problem that needs to be fixed seriously.

So I can absolutely understand your anger :frowning: . I feel the same way, if it’s any consolation to you.


I have the same behavior on Lineage OS with android 13


Same here, annoying. Service was contacted 4 weeks ago, at first they didn’t know the issue :roll_eyes:
On friday I got a reply, it was forwarded to the develeoper.


There’s no way they didn’t know of the issue yet, surely.


I also don’t understand why there is not even an info given that the problem is being worked on. Exactly the same with the Bluetooth problem. How can it be that they don’t finally get it fixed?
Shame on you Fairphone.
That’s not how you convince people of fair cell phones. In the meantime, I just feel like throwing my Fairphone against the wall, because the countless bugs just drive me up the wall. I regret buying this device every day.


They inform you by answering to your open issue. Thats how it works.

It is especially nice that they reply to others who make the same request that they do not know the problem.

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From here I would kindly ask we dont further discuss FP behaviour/information policy, as it is off topic here, there are several other topics just for this discussion


As in, ticket? I’m pretty sure we can’t use their GitLab.