Random Screen dimming (while brightness slider stays at 100%) after A12 update

I don’t see how wobbly luminosity would prevent that, I agree less luminosity would slow the process a wee little bit, but is it enough to be worth the hassle? Especially if it’s potentially annoying (“it doesn’t matter you’re not able to read your screen, the important thing is it will live longer…”)?

Also in this case there would 1. be a proper setting somewhere, 2. the phone would just go down a few notches and stay there, and 3. it would not report full brightness when it has knowingly scaled it back.

IMHO all points to a bug somewhere between Android’s brightness management and the backlight firmware.


I would not agree to that, as it for me happens just by typing a response here in the forum or an email (so really nothing heavy or creating really heat) and it def was and still is at 100% when it happens and it always happens (or it just noticeably happens) when you are out in the sun.


Maybe it would make more sense if I said “warmth” rather than “heat”. In any case it’s very easy to demonstrate that it’s not dependent on the brightness sensor.

How do you demonstrate? I could link it to this sensor, doing the sensor test in sunlight fails…

Maybe its caused differently or your issue us different!?

Either in a dark room or taping over the sensor. I reproduced it just now in a dark room by setting brightness to 100%, plugging in the charger, and playing Stumble Guys for about 5 minutes. That was starting from cold, but if I had been using the phone before that it would probably have been sooner.


Interesting observation :+1:

Most of the times my screen suddenly got dimmed was with Duolingo, which can be a very resource hungry app sometimes. Not on the charger, but happened in very different lighting conditions.

Could this be a function that is supposed to reduce power draw going rogue :thinking:
I remember some people having issues with Google Maps showing a “overheating” message a while back, maybe it’s meant to prevent the system from overheating by limiting some components.

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:thinking: Well, my FP4 does get warm (not hot) often, at least more often than my previous Samsung, but it never complained about overheating (definitely not while using Google Maps!), and some of this warmth is most likely due to being in my (warm) pockets and having that metal chassis which readily conducts heat.
I’d vote “likely”.

If this is true, summer is coming and we should notice even more/stronger brightness fluctuations.

So really different things can make this happen, again even with a Custom ROM. not sure if it helps or make more complicated to figure it out. So everyone on FPOS could help by contacting support…


I’m experiencing this bug too. This rollout of Android 12 is horrible and the Fairphone team has also been horrible in handling it. The rollout was rushed, bug reports often get ignored and they don’t even seem to know how their own product works. I’m very, very displeased by this. I discover new bugs almost daily now, and I think it’s time to either install an alternate OS or refund the phone entirely.


Hi! Does anyone know the maximum nit level (brightness level) of the fairphone 4 I find it hard to see anything much on the screen in sunlight and it seems to be as bright as it can, kindest regards


There seem to be some bug in sunlight that the brightness slider is at max however the screen dimms down so that you hardly see something. Please see above.

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Exact same problem here on FP4 since last update
Really frustrating, the phone becomes unusable outside…


Hello, on my Fairphone 4, the display always darkens after a relatively short time. This happens especially when the Fairphone is used and heat develops through use. In my opinion, however, the time until darkened is very short. Especially when it’s very warm outside (I was on vacation recently and it was warm there. Sometimes the display went dark after just a few minutes.)
Is that normal? Can this be turned off or extended?

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You mean the brightness slider stays at 100% while the displays dimms? Or can you do something to change brightness when this happens?

Yes. The Slider stays at 100% and the display dimms automatically . At that moment I cant do anything to increase the brightness. I could turn it down with the slider, but not up (because it is already at 100%). When it happens I can feel that the Phone is warm in the lower area. I close my phone then and after a few minutes when the Phone cooled down, the display turns the brightness automatically back again to normal.

It’s a very annoying bug that occurs since the android 12 update

Hello I have the same issue on my fp4 very annoying

On my FP4, problem seems solved with the latest update.

[edit] my bad, still here

The last few messages I got from support (from last Thursday and Friday) state that it’s still under investigation. So if it was fixed, it must have been something ported from AOSP along with Material You and probably wasn’t intentional. Like I wouldn’t mind, but I’d be very careful about claiming it’s fixed. :smiley: I’ll definitely try replicating it again.

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I’m pretty sure it hasn’t been fixed. Still exists for me.