Random reboots while talking

Hi folks,
unfortunatly my FP3 started to randomly reboot itself while I am talking. This issue happend 3 times in the last 2 days. I have not changed anything on the phone for about 6 month now. No new apps etc.

It is very annoying when this happens. I hope this is no hardware issue. I own the FP3 since the release and was very satisfied until now.

As I see, this issue also happens to the FP2.

Is anyone having the issue with the FP3 too?


I have the same problem with my 5 day old FP3. It turns off while I am talking and starts new directly by itself.
Has anybody an idea what to do?

in fact, i am unsure whether we have got the same issue. I installed a custom rom a few days ago, to see whether the reboots are gone.

With the custom rom on the FP3 the reboots didn’t happen for 2 days.

Unfortunatly I was forced to switch back to the stock rom, because some apps I really need did not work with the custom rom (failed security checks, cause of the modified bootloader).

So I switched back to stock.rom And - what should I say - I had no reboots for 2 days now and did a lot of phoning.

What you can try: Do a factory reset and see if it helps.

What I have NOT done till I switched back to the custom rom is to install the Updaet FP3 A.0111.

thanks! unfortunatly my English is not good enough to understand your answer and I think also my technical knowledge is also worse. I am german nativ Speaker - so if somebody is able to explane it to me in german I would be thankfull.
If not possible: what is “custom rom” and “stock rom”?
Thank you very much!

Einfach ein eigenes Topic aufmachen und das Problem auf Deutsch schildern :wink: .

The stock ROM is the OS officially supported by the phone vendor, i.e. the OS the phone comes with when you buy it.
The stock ROM of the Fairphone 3 is called Fairphone OS.

A Custom ROM is an OS you can install on your phone apart from the OS(es) officially supported by the phone vendor. Example topics for the Fairphone 3 …

Vielen Dank, ich habe mal versucht mich da rein zu lesen und zu denken. Zumal ich gerne weniger Google hätte. Mein Problem ist gelöst, seitdem ich Google Play vollen Zugriff gegeben habe - ich hatte vorher den Zugriff auf Körpersensoren und Kalender verweigert und dann bei jedem Anruf Fehlermeldungen von Google Play erhalten - und dann kamen die Abstürze. Diese haben jetzt aufgehört. Ich finde die Arbeit an Google-freien Alternativen (wenn ich das so richtig verstanden habe) toll, aber mir fehlt dafür das technische Verständnis. wenn es die Möglichkeit irgendwann für technisch unversierte gibt, bin ich jedenfalls dabei!
Anyway: vielen Dank!
Beste GrĂĽĂźe

so after I did a factory-reset my FP3 works now. I also installed the latest security update and there were no reboots for over a week now. So perhaps it was some kind of “softwareproblem”, which was solved by the factory reset.


and just today it started rebooting again (while speaking). Weird…