Random reboots I cannot figure out why

I uninstalled some of my apps, turned off Wi-Fi and turned off 4g, but I couldn’t figure out why my phone has random reboots.

Though I do not try to take off sim card yet, I don’t have a SD card inserted. I guess some physical velocity related to, but not sure.

  1. I cannot find “Maintenance to automatically send anonymized crash reports to Fairphone” setting the guide said, even in the developer settings.

  2. Using adb and logcat sound ambiguous to me. Does it mean I should watch the logs until crash happen with the phone plugged in to the desktop?

P.S. I’ve installed a battery temperature widget and the temperature os in about 30-38.


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From my experience with previous Fairphones I can think of two possibilities:

  1. Mobile network cell changes: When the phone switches to a new network cell, something seems to crash it. I have seen that plenty on the FP2 and very rarely on the FP4. Most likely the reason is a compatibility issue between phone/modem and the network. If that’s the case, then only updates from either - or both - sides can really fix this. If you observe a correlation in this regard, you should certainly contactsupport to make them aware of the problem.

  2. Bending of the device - in the back pocket of your pants, for example: This has been mostly a problem for me with the FP2, not really after that. So I’d regard that as relatively unlikely. But it can’t hurt to watch for correlations here as well.

For the week I have the FP5 it rebooted randomly once and I had to reboot it a few times because it started to become very laggy over time, especially when the battery was below 10% (no battery safer kicked in or was enabled). Just sharing my experience to see if there is some pattern we can identify as a group.

How old is the SIM card?

The guide was written for the FP1 and/or FP2 so some things like this statement are rather obsolete.

I purchased it in August 2022.

I’ve tried some more things, but no updates, same symptom.

Ok so did you try without SIM already?

Did you try in Safemode?

And just to not forget the obvious: did you check the SIM card is properly in place?

I have the same problem. I was wondering if it’s screen related (hw or sw) issue, but maybe mobile network changes causing the issue might be feasible: I have had most of problems while moving around town at (about-ish) specific areas. While its just on the table, for example during night, no problem.


Hi, i experience something similar. During the Last 24h IT happened from time to time that my Phone suddenly rebooted - apparently without reason.


  • new Fairphone 5 with ext. sD card
  • fresh installed after unwrapping
  • used for 1 days via wifi
  • installed esim and later WhatsApp

happened while using camera or waiting for Moments to use the camera (Sightseeing in Paris :wink: )
Or using threema
AND when Not connected to a WiFi but having WiFi activated

Deactivating WiFi seemed to Stop this behaviour. There may have been one time where IT rebooted even with WiFi deactivated but I am Not Sure about that.

Bottom Line: maybe the waiting wifi

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My last random reboot was 24 hours ago… I’ve tried:

  • Turn off and turn on again few settings. (pick up to wake, desktop mode, force desktop mode, Crisis alerts etc) → A restart happened.
  • Using in Safe mode → A restart happened.
  • Uninstalled and installed few apps again. (Easer, Flip DND, my government’s app, etc.) → A restart happened.
  • Using without attached SIM card, → I don’t remember the result.
  • Connect to the desktop via USB and TCPIP to watch logcat → At this moment, no restart happened more than 10 hours.

I guess my problem is related to the hardware.

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So roaming? Is 5G enabled?

So its def not any 3. party app.

That would be interesting in my eyes.

This is discussed in another topic. It is related to 5g. You just have to disable 5g, and the reboots will be solved. Sad, but it’s true :expressionless:.

the topic linked is about the FP4, so while it might be a cause for FP5 reboots, I dont think its the definite cause.

The OP even disabled (at least partially) 4G

It is easy to test it also on a fp5. Just turn 5g off. If the reboots are gone, then post here in this forum.

Yes, switched Off now, i will report


hey everyone,
i had a similar experience: my fairphone 5 rebooting once to twice a day, i intially planned to post here, but i got lazy…
I tested multiples things, uninstalling apps i suspected, changed my sim to an e-sim, and then i read that thread on the fairphone 4 that mention 5G being the issue, and indeed once i disabled it it no longer crash.
On my side its ok since i don’t need 5G but if it a global issue, its kinda concerning for the phone since its marketed as 5G ready. Hopefully this is software and it will be fixed later.


Anyway, it is disappointing Fairphone does not expose an enough number of caution of the possibility of random restart. Or is this commonly happened on whole Android ecosystem?

I’ve had random reboots on my Fairphone 4 since about a year. It’s the first and only phone I’ve had with this problem. So no, I wouldn’t say it’s an Android thing. It’s a Fairphone thing.

Hmmm - at Let Me Google That I’ve not found FP mentioned in the first hits but lot of other devices. So I’m not that convinced it only happens on FP devices…

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I Found disabling WiFi reduced/stopped the rebooting, But today I tested “WiFi on/5g Off” with the Same success.

So i assume switching modes “4g-5g” or “do i Know this WiFi” can both cause this rebooting. I will keep 5g Off for now

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