Random reboots After android 13 update

Dear all, is there any update about this issue? My phones reboots randomly after updating to Android 13, especially when I am driving (that is also very distracting and dangerous!!!).
It is the first time that I am using the Forum and, honestly, it is difficult to understand if the problem has been solved, is on-solving mode or it is not on the list of things to fix without reading all 140 comments…

Near the top of the topic, there is button “Show top replies”. It summarizes this discussion to nice 29 messages. I’m pretty sure you can handle that.

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I have just had a reboot while sitting at my desk. 5G is disabled.

I think this might be a hint that @KurtF is right in his assumption that these are two seperate topics.

Although I have to admit that the frequency seems to be going down when 5G is deactivated.


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Update: It did not hold up well. Reboots interestingly only happened when unlocking the phone but after turning off 5G it works without issues again so it clearly is 5G related (or at least some feature that only activates with 5G).

A little update before the end of the (work) week: we are testing the potential solution mentioned in my previous post, both internally and with a few beta testers who volunteered for testing.

So far, the fix seems to work but we have received a report of a sudden shutdown so we are also investigating whether that is related to the patch or it has to do with other factors (only 1 device is affected at the moment within the testing fleet).

As previously stated, it might be that the patch is too unstable to be released immediately, but we are making good progress.

I will keep you updated.


I also am a victim of this bug, my phone started to reboot several times a day after this update. I am waiting for a solution.
I also just read this post and will deactivate 5G to see if it can make any difference.
Thank you Fair phone to solve this problem’

Same problem after updating to Android 13.
I discovered about turning off 5G only now, I’ll try hoping that it’d solve the crashes. Anyway, the first thing that I’ve done was to contact the support, almost two weeks ago, no one replied. I tried again and again but nothing. It’s really frustrating and I’ll not recommend this brand to anyone. How can you base your brand on hardware sustainability when on the other hand you don’t fix major software problems? I’ll end up changing phone anyway! I’ll wait a few other days hoping that they’ll reply, after that I try to start a lawsuit because if you know since early 2022 that your product has this kind of problem you have to remove it from the market or at least inform me that 5G is not working (I really don’t care if it’s software or hardware related, the fact is that seems to solve the problem, so it’s like not having 5G). If someone wants to join me stay connected in this thread.

I’m sorry that you also seem to be affected by the 5G bug and I can understand that you’re especially frustrated as you’ve not received any reply from FP support yet.
Still there are some topics I’d like to mention:

  • Did you get an automated response from support? If not, something went wrong with raising your support request. You might try to call support. Maybe you have a look at contactsupport for more details
  • Your “you” addresses other community members as this a community forum and FP staff just passes by occasionally
  • Android 13 for FP3 was released Sep 2023, so I don’t know what you mean with “early 2022”
  • The problem seems to only affect some customers (probably related to the mobile contract you have). So in general 5G is working on FP4.
  • I’m sure FP is working on solving this issue. It just needs time to find the root cause and solve it.

I moved your comment to the A13 topic and thats the status


Another mid-week update: the patch that was under testing during the previous days has proven to be stable and it seems to be effective to address the 5G-related reboot issue.

The fix will be therefore delivered with the next software update, currently scheduled around Christmas day ( :santa: ).
Please beware that the schedule might still change, as the software still needs to pass internal and external validation.

Also, during the investigation of the abovementioned issue, we found another possible cause for random reboots, which is not related to 5G operations (and seems to affect a very small portion of users); that issue is now undergoing investigation.
The latter will not, unfortunately, be fixed with the Christmas update as we did not identify yet the root cause for it.

I will also keep you updated on this issue, but we hope to solve most of the rebooting issues with the upcoming software update.


:sunglasses:… /smug

Anyway, that’s great news, means this issue is about to be definitely fixed.

Thanks for the update! Could FP keep this level of information service for all major bugs in the future? :slight_smile:

And, if there is a (relatively) simple technical explanation of the fix, could you share it with us? I guess the engineers who fixed it would be proud to share their findings =)


Thank you for this good news that there will be a patch with a next update.
I haven’t yet updated my Fairphone 4 to Android 13 given all the problems it can cause: random reboots, Fairphone freezing, etc. In the meantime, I see that there is a new update: Software version: FP4.TP1X.C. 079
Security patch level: October 5, 2023
Changes adaptive brightness.
The brightness level will now be remembered by the device once adjusted.

But this does not solve the random reboot issues of the Fairphone 4 after the Android 13 update.
Is it okay if I don’t do these 2 updates?
If I do a future update (with a patch), will the Fairphone 4 still upgrade to Android 13?
Thank you for your answers because I sent this message to support on 08/11/23 and I still have not received a answer.

That’s an old(er) update, supposed to give people the October Security Update and a brightness fix (which doesn’t seem to work that well, but that’s another issue).

It just happens that for users on Orange FR and Orange BE, who had been left out of the initial A13 upgrade, this was also the update which upgraded them to A13.
Now the FP4 updates being tied to your phone operator, if (and only if) you are on Orange FR/BE, that update will also upgrade you to A13.
If you have some other operator, there is a chance it won’t install, since it will be expecting you to already have A13… (Wild guess, I might be wrong)

I obviously don’t know what the Christmas update will contain, but one of the points of the FP4.TP1X.C. 079 update was to give people the latest (:roll_eyes:) Android Security Update, which is something quite important to have.
It’s obviously your decision, but if you’ve never installed any other OS on your FP4 so far (cause of the freezing), I would suggest to upgrade, just to get the Security Update. We’re at the end of November, and you’re still with the September patches.
There obviously is a chance you might suffer one of the random reboot issues, but it’s only a chance. I for instance upgraded to A13 and never experienced any unexpected reboot, 5G-related or otherwise.
Food for thought.


Hi @Xavier_Rotsart
Yes, you will be able to upgrade directly to Android 13 also with the next software update.

There are 2 possible ways to make an OTA package:

  • Full: the OTA package basically contains the whole structure of the new software, including the modules that have not changed from the previous software. This package has the advantage of letting users jump to the latest version from any other previous software but it is also much bigger in terms of package size.
  • Incremental: the OTA package is differential, meaning that only the modules that differ from a previous software will be included in the update package. This package has the advantage of being smaller in size (and quicker to install) but can only be installed from the specific previous software it has been targeted for.

We usually only make incremental packages from the 3 previous software prior to the update itself (meaning that you can always jump to the latest version if you installed one of the 3 previous software updates).

From time to time we also make a full package, to make also possible for devices that have not been updated for a long time to align with the latest update.

But in any case, even in the worst-case scenario, you would need to do a double-step update but it is always possible to reach the latest update (unless it is blocked for your carrier/country for exceptional reasons, but that is another story) :slight_smile:


Hi FrancescoSalvatore.
Thank you very much for those explanations. I am currently on version FP4.SP2K.B.089.20230807
In fact, the last update received by my operator Proximus (Belgium).
So I guess I’ll do the next incremental update I get around Christmas and then I can upgrade to Android 13 without issue.

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I hope the fix will work for FP4 as well.
At home there’s wifi. Almost all of Belgium has 5g coverage. Only some places are limited to g4.
Well, for now it will be 4g or wifi.
It will be a nice Christmas present, won’t it?