Random reboots After android 13 update

This is just the general “acknowledge” template. It doesn’t mean they know or do anything. But still, I hope they do :slight_smile:


"I’m encountering several issues with my phone: random reboots, terrible call quality, frequent freezes, unresponsive apps, Bluetooth disconnection from my van, and delayed text message reception after I remove the battery.

My primary concern is the ability to roll back to Android 12. This would significantly improve my daily life, allowing me to use my phone without constant checking and concerns.

I genuinely appreciate and support the Fairphone initiative. I’m proud to own one, and I eagerly showcase it to others. However, the reliability and stress-free experience of owning a Fairphone can be compromised if software updates aren’t thoroughly tested before release.

All I desire is a phone that works reliably. Please consider providing instructions for a rollback to Android 12 or swiftly address the issues with the current software. I am continually checking for updates, and my son, who is also facing the same problems at just 15, adds to the frustration in our household. I hope for a swift resolution to these issues."


… to be honest: my problem is not that they have this issue … I can live with it if there is a workaround … my problem with Fairphone at the moment is that they did know about this failure before they released A13 officially and they release Android 13 anyway …


So this has been reported in the beta bugtracker? I’m still stuck in A12 gitlab, so I can’t check. If it was reported before the stable release, it’s a blatant ignoring of the work of beta testers…

yes it was one of the things that were reported very early …

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My phone had the Android 13 update. It has been ‘pushing’ me to install the upgrade, and then said “if you don’t update, in X weeks the update will install”
Which looks weird.

But today the phone runs on FP4.TP1X.C.079.20231013

And yes, sudden reboots have been noticed.
Not often, until today. More specific: this evening.
7 or 8 reboots between 22:20 an 23:30 local time.
Well, in the train it connected to 5G data connection. The problem seems to have stopped with home wifi.
Hope the normal 4g will be available tomorrow. Brussels doesn’t have full 5g covering, Flanders pretends the 5g is almost everywhere. But if 5g resets my phone, I want to limit the connection to 4g.
Not sure whether that is possible, though.

That’s the normal procedure, it has always been like that.

You can do that easily in the network settings.

Several people reported that specific 5G masts cause reboots. Unfortunately this is a problem which is very difficult to solve, on Fairphone’s side because it’s rare (go figure what causes this), and on the operators’ side because if it doesn’t affect too many users they won’t want to mess with their configurations (expensive!), even if they know what might cause this. Any victims will be caught in a “it’s not me, it’s them” kind of ping-pong game where everybody expects the other party to do something about it… In this case all one could hope for is that some future update (phone or operator) accidentally solves this.

I very much hope this will not be solved just accidentally. @Yasen_Tomov could you please tell us how is FP addressing this issue? The official bug list is silent about it. However, this is obviously one of the most impractical issues FP4 has ever had. I understand that the affected people are getting angrier and angrier with each reboot. And silence from the FP side doesn’t help.

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The lack of communication is Fairphone’s main problem.
I no longer accept the excuse of a small company, on the contrary.
You get “better” devices for the money.
You are prepared to pay a fair price.
You have decided to buy a Fairphone, which requires a bit of enthusiasm and tolerance.
Fair therefore also includes respecting the customer after the purchase process. But no, you are now the stupid, nagging user. “We’ve got your money, now you have to shut up.”
Why don’t official employees occasionally write here in the forum how Fairphone wants to proceed in case of problems?
Or even just announce that a problem has been recognised.
All I hear is that people are reading along here. But without a response, it’s hard to believe.
A short explanation, too much time, too expensive?

On the subject of why other manufacturers (devices) don’t seem to have this problem?
Why doesn’t Fairphone try to explain why 5G leads to reboots on the FP4?
Why don’t we know if Fairphone is even working on a solution?
Why is Fairphone damaging its reputation due to a desolate information policy?


Good day, bought almost a week ago an FP4 which immediate was updated to FP4.tP1X.C.079-20231013
Have an issue with random restarts of the phone…

Buy an Fairphone, we will update it to an already old Android version and break your phone in the process. You get an broken phone from the get go, with no commuication, but hey, you can change your USB slot…

I don’t think the philosopy behind right to repair and sustainabiliy is to sell things that are broken right out of the store?

I don’t get, what you are trying to express. Which broken phone? Which old Android? Most Fairphones are working flawlessly. In a forum of course all with problems are coming together.


Mine is running now for 78 hours with FP4.TP1X.C.079.20231013. Deutsche Telekom, 5G enabled. No sudden reboots, even with roaming in France. Still not tested in train (comes tomorrow)

Edit: unfortunately first reboot now :woozy_face:

It’s on their issue tracker. Their issue tracker that seemingly doesn’t render as it should on mobile devices. The irony.


I had the first sponteanous reboot today. and I have 5G disabled as my llan does not support it anyway. The workaround is not working for me

Uh-oh. Strange.
First mention (I’ve seen) of apparently-5G-related reboots was in July here. It seemed that specific issue was indeed 5G related, but also happened way before the A13 rollout and (apparently) wasn’t fixed by A13.
Meaning it’s totally independent of A13.

Now those new cases of reboots happening only after A13 most likely have a totally different cause (i.e. not be 5G-related).

Fairphone should consider those two reboot problems as two different issues, having similar symptoms but completely different causes, else they won’t ever manage to fix them.
Just my 2 cents worth.

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We have several statements above that turning off 5G helps and the amount of people reporting the issue increased after the A13 upgrade, as you can see.

So even if there were a few cases before and for some it might not be triggered by 5G its still the most common culprid found so far.


Decided to give it another try after the latest update.
So far, no restarts for about 20 hours. 5G on, VoLTE on, Wifi/5G switching regularly.
I have good hopes :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I experienced the same problem. (since the Android 13. update at october 2.)
Sometimes it is rebooting in a loop which can take over 20 minutes then 5 ninutes okay and another 20 minutes of rebooting looping. :frowning:

I hoped it would have been solved with the next update, but that was a few days ago, and still suffering the same problem.

I use the phone for work, and not being able to call (back) a customer for at least 30 minutes is driving me nuts.
Reading this topic, I will try to switch of 5G, but I hope for a good updte which solves the problem.

But 5G cannot be the only issue. I’ve never experienced any sudden reboots and I am on 5G pretty much all the time, when I am not at home.

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