Random disconnecting wifi, again

hi no it’s just getting worse. It’s the second time too, I had the same issue last year and in the end sent the phone to fairphone repair service and that did help. For a while. And while it helped, I lost bluetooth connection (which came back a few months later, all by itself). Fairphone support will tell me to check for bad apps etc but it’s not any of my apps I think. I actually regret buying a fairphone, which is a shame!

I agree, I admit that I’m tired too, I had a few others issues as well and it’s getting tiresome. My daughter even said she’s going to get an iphone when she can and I think she’s right.
I’m going to open a query then, thanks.


it seems as if I have the same issue.

However to me it appears as if WIFI disconnects also depend on the router. With Speedport router I ha no problems so far. WIth FritzBox I have multiple wifi reconnect or no connection at all.

Usually a phone reboot solved this issue for some time.

thanks, that seems plausible as it disconnects much more often at home where I have a fritzbox, then at the office. So I’ll try to get a different router. Thanks again for the tip!

Still it seems like a strange problem to me.

Does anybody has an idea about the reasons for these disconnects? it is really annoying.

I have the same problem with my Speedport W 925V :frowning:

It took me a while to get a connection at all. This was only possible if I switch router wifi security settings from “WPA2 (very high)” to “WPA/WPA2 (high)” as described here: https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fairphone-android-7/issue/276 or Fairphone 2 cannot connect with Wifi with WPA2

Deactivation of 5G Network was helping a bit, but still I’m facing disconnects from the router every 5 Minutes(!)

I added my log output here:

I have the same issue; never had any problems with wifi disconnecting on my FP2 until I moved into a new apartment where my wifi keeps disconnecting every 5-ish minutes. My wifi still connects normally to other networks (university, parents, grandparents etc.), so it seems to have something to do with the particular router in the apartment? I haven’t checked the router yet as I have not spent much time there yet, but I will send an update once I do
Have any workarounds been found yet for this?

Did someone with wifi problems on FP2 try out an Android 9 upgrade?

Currently, I don’t see anyone reporting a comparable issue on the new Android version:
(I’m waiting for the encryption to be supported)

I have found that random disconnects can happen if your FP2 is connected at 5 GHz, and your router is configured to automatically select a suitable channel. Apparently the FP2 doesn’t like higher channels like 116 through 128, so if the router lands on one of these, it causes the FP2 to lose connection. It may try to reconnect on 2.4 GHz, which is often congested in urban areas, so this might not improve the situation. My solution was to configure the router to use a fixed channel (56 in my case); see my thread here for further details.


thanks heaps, but to be honest I’ve given up (I’m absolutely not technically inclined) and I’m trying to sell the phone. I have a phone with a bad conscience now but it works.

I can’t say I blame you; I’ve been thinking about it as well (also due to battery life and general slowness of my FP2). Maybe someone else who digs up this thread will be helped by it before it’s too late :slight_smile:

Having the same problem; throughout the day, teh Wifi seems to randomnly drop and the only way to re-establish the conection is to restart the phone (the WiFi always works fine right after a restart). Furthermore, if I go out for a run and come back in, the WiFi will not reconnect. FP2 with a FritzBox 7590.

Having the same problem here, but it is not extremely annoying (yet?). I can restore the connection by ticking the wifi icon in the ‘quick-settigs’-screen (don’t know the right name, sorry). Hoping it will not get worse. Wishing all of you good luck with getting the problem fixed!

At my Fritzbox 7590 I have set the 2.4GHz at 802.11g+802.11n only.
People have reported that 2.4GHz on 802.11b can give problems.


Thanks; will try that!

Hi I’ve just had a new router (Vodafone WiFi hub) and my FP2 would connect to it for about 2 seconds then drop out. Super annoying as would do this continually so basically I couldn’t access WiFi (had been fine on old router). Did all resets etc to no avail.

I spoke to someone at Vodafone and they suggested logging into the router and splitting the channels (2.4ghz and 5ghz) instead of the router transmitting on both and the device just picking up whichever. I am now logged onto just the 2.4 channel and the FP2 is connected fine (so far, fingers crossed!) Sorry if you’ve already tried this, I’m not techy so don’t follow what everyone is meaning in this thread.

Just putting on here in case it’s useful. I think there may be other threads on the forum about FP challenges with 5ghz connection so hopefully that will get resolved in time too.


Have same problem, with fritzbox3370, which worked flawlessly for 2 years, after 3 seconds FP2 dropping the connection., next try after 20 seconds

@Lidwien, could you please reconfirm the settings? My understanding from bugtracker was it should be set to 802.11b+g and that n would cause the issues? I do not have issues, but provided that advise to another user a few days ago and would like to ensure my advise was not incorrect. Taiga

At the moment I have my Fritzbox 7590 on version 07.21 at Wi-Fi channel settings automatically.

Thanks, I will try this