Question about microSD card storage

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In the description of the FP2 it says: “32 GB included, expand up to 64 GB”
Does that mean that the OS will only address 64GB (32+32) or can you fit any size of SD-card?



That description confuses so many people :frowning:
On Twitter someone assumed he could order the FP2 with 32GB or 64GB internal storage and was confused why he didn’t find that option when adding the phone to his shopping cart.


Well, I just added something at the top of the wiki to try and clarify the purpose of it.
Are there really “so many people” being confused? And by what? Do you have more examples? I am really interested, as this might help to restructure the wiki (if necessary).


@BertG: Ingo meant this description on the website, nothing in the wiki.

@Stanzi has pointed this error out to different Fairphone employees at Austrian Fairphoners events for what feels like many years, but it seems tiny errors are hard to fix. :wink:


I would use the bugtracker for this, but I don’t have an account there :slight_smile: .

Or … @Monica.Ciovica, can something be done about this ambiguous “32 GB included, expand up to 64 GB” description at https://shop.fairphone.com/en/ ?


There is no bugtracker for the website is there?


Since I don’t have an account anyway, I thought I didn’t have to sweat the details about how to bend the system :slight_smile: .


@paulakreuzer well if you insist on being precise, it was actually in a Forum topic in November 2017:

and it wasn’t exactly this particular issue, but that the German translation was misleading:

But maybe I also told someone of this one as well, I can’t remember everything :smile:


Looking into fixing the statement as we speak :slightly_smiling_face: