Purchase decisions for FP3, FP4, FP5

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For a graphical version see: UML Diagram For Purchasing decisions for FP3, FP4, FP5

FP3 and FP3+ are both called FP3 here, though the camera and loudspeaker differ (most prominently, for all differences in detail see https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360047776791-Fairphone-3-FAQ, especially the technical specifications PDF given there).

Do you (dis)like bigger/heavier displays/phones?

FP # Displaysize, -type Size (HxWxD) Weight
5 6,46", OLED 161 mm × 75 mm × 9,8 mm 212 g
4 6,3", LCD (IPS) 162 mm × 75,5 mm × 10,5 mm 225 g
3 5,65", LCD (IPS) 158 mm × 71,8 mm × 9,89 mm 187,4 g

Do you prefer/need an OLED display?

Yes: FP5
No: FP3, FP4, FP5

Do you need a waterproof phone?

Yes: FP4: IP54; FP5: IP55; see: IP code - Wikipedia
No: FP3, FP4, FP5

Do you need 2 or more eSIMs?

Yes: FP3, FP4 (with esim . me); FP5 unknown (can someone download the APP and check it?)
No: FP3, FP4, FP5

Do you need one eSIM and one real SIM?

Yes: FP4, FP5 ; FP3 (with esim . me)
No: FP3

Do you need 2 real SIMs?

Yes: FP3
No: FP4, FP5

End of software updates - short version: Are you willing to install e.g. LineageOS after Fairphone drops software support?

Yes: For all models: support until = in the distant future
FP5: support until = 2031 or later
FP4: support until = 2028 or later
FP3: support until = August 2024, maybe August 2026 or later

End of software support - long version, part 1: Are you willing to install e.g. LineageOS after Fairphone drops software support to get further security updates for the ROM (Android)? This might include another software feature list!

Yes: You can use your phone even after Fairphone drops support quite safely. Since the security support for the hardware drivers will be less or lacking this might be less secure than having the official support.
No: Watch out for the official announcments from Fairphone about stopping software updates for your phone

End of software support - long version, part2: Official announcements about security updates

The official updates end for sure, when Fairphone annouces it, e.g. FP2. They extended more than once the period of official updates.

FP5: software and security updates until 2031 (*We plan at least 5 Android OS version updates after Android 13) The new Fairphone 5. Designed for you. Made fair.
FP4; extended support till 2028 Fairphone 4 | Fairphone
FP3: August 2024 “We aim to support Fairphone 3(+) with security and software upgrades for about 5 years after the first launch date (August 2019).”
“Fairphone has pledged to continue software support for the FP3 until August 2024 and is aiming to add two more years on top of that.”

Do you need 5G?

Yes: FP4, FP5
No: FP3 (and FP4, FP5)

Do you need an integrated 3,5mm audio jack (without an USB-C adapter)?

Yes: FP3
No: FP3, FP4, FP5

Do you use fingerprint authentication for apps?

Yes: FP4, FP5
No: FP3, FP4, FP5