Proximity sensor problem FP4

I don’t know why, today my fairphone started going black whenever my finger went on the highest part of the display. Even if I want to play a game with rotated screen, therefore with two hands, it still reads my hand and shuts down until I take it off the screen. Why did it start doing it now? Where do I find settings to disable proximity sensor? I don’t even have to touch the screen, it’s like hypersensitive all of a sudden.

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Hello. As far as I know, FP4 doesn’t have this setting out of the box. Have you possibly installed WaveUp or any similar app? If yes, disable the Lock screen option. The proximity sensor on FP4 is really sensitive and I ended up disabling it as well. But if you haven’t installed any such app, I would suggest you contact support. (

Edit: I meant Lock screen, not Pocket mode

No, I haven’t installed any of that. While reading support page I noticed that earlier today I had taken off the back part (? I have no idea how to say it in eng) for a moment to show my friends that it was removable, so I thought of simply turning it off and removing the back part and then putting it back on, and now I turned it on again and it seems to have worked! Idk what might have happened, but the problem seems to be gone for now. Thank you! Haha

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I don’t know the details, but if you dial the code below, it should give you a whole range of hardware tests. I guess there is probably a proximity sensor test as well, but I cannot say from firsthand experience.

* # * # 2 8 8 6 # * # *

Note: If anyone with an FP3 is reading, for you it’s a different code: * # * # 6 6 # * # *

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I’ve amended the title to add FP4 as I am thinking of opening a similar one for the FP3 and I didn’t want two topics with the same title nor stretch this to include the FP3

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