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J ai le même problème. C’est très ennuyeux, je n’ai plus accès aux fonctions haut parleur ou aux contacts récents a l’annuaire.

No help. But since I have upgraded to 1.6.2 …when I call and am connected the screen goes black and I cant see or use touch screen.This leaves me connected to receivers voicemail for example until I open phone and remove battery

Just now i installed a second time version 1.62 and after the proxyimity detector work again. I don’t know if it’s a solution or if it’s ramdom

Richard: there is another topic regarding this: FP2 Screen can't be reactivated during/after calls - See first post for Workarounds

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Unfortunately Fairphone 2 is full of little inconvenient things. I support the idea of FP but I cannot recommend FP2 to an user that just wants to use a phone and apps without often have troubles. I have also that problem, make a call and then black screen. I have a turnaround: the on - off button is configured to end the call, so at least I can stop the call without taking out the batterie.

I just read the post of jhohn and I the link. The problem existed before and seems now with the new release come back.

I just got this from the fairphone support:
Clean your displayPlease follow our troubleshooting guide which contains pictures of what (and where) to clean.Pay also attention to any protective layer you might have put on the screen, they could be responsible for the problem too. (Please make sure you removed the plastic layer that was shipped with the phone, it is not a protection.)
Use a workaround in the meantimeThere is a setting that allows you to hang up a call by pressing the power button: go to Settings > Accessibility > enable Power button ends call.
Recalibrate (tune) your proximity sensor
Follow these steps to recalibrate the sensor yourself with the hidden feature:Go to the phone Settings > Maintenance > Proximity sensor > Calibration;Step 1: cover the upper-left area of the display with your finger and press “Next” (with your finger in place);The app will read the sensor value for a few seconds;Step 2: uncover the upper-left area of the screen (take your finger away) and press “Next”;The app will read the sensor value for a few seconds;Step 3: The final step is to reboot the phone to apply the new calibration, use the adequate blue button “OK & Reboot”.

I got the same problem. Unfortunately, the ‘workaround’ (on/off-button) doesn’t help for: navigating automated menus ("If… choose 1, if… choose 2,…).
It might be the sensor, but I guess it’s not. If it is: it’s kind of odd to have to deconstruct a phone for such an elementary function. I’m trying to ‘sell’ FF whenever I can, wherever I go… I think that’s “the way”. And I’m trying to raise awareness about what other producers take for ‘good practices’ (like Samsung, ignoring the death of some 70 people, due to chemicals…).
Unfortunately, my friends see and hear me struggling with all of these ‘minor’ issues (this is but one of many…) Some of them were/are on the verge of ordering one… And then, they hesitate again… That is such a pity…

With update 1.6.2, you have a new option in your settings called “maintenance”. In there, you have the option to calibrate your proximity sensor. I did it and it solved the problem I had with the sensor in my phone. Anyone else?

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Thanks ‘Trust’,
At least for now, that seems to have solved the problem!
Greetings, b.

@everybody here: I removed this from the original thread as it’s a different issue.

There is a calibration tool that should help you fix your issue:

If you still have problems please continue discussing here: