Proximity sensor goes crazy while calls

I hope that it’s just a software (calibration) issue and they can fix it. But it’s definitely not a problem of the Google dialer app. I used it on my previous phone without any problems. Only on FP4 does it behave like this.

on other phones I’ve had (e.g. Sony) the problem had been the screen protector that partially or totally interferes with the proximity sensor. May be the cure for some of you?


It could be, I’m using the official screen protector and I haven’t really had this issue.

I don’t use a screen protector at all.

I have this issue, too. Also, when playing voice messages on whatsapp or signal the screen turns off if direct sunlight hits the screen/sensor. This causes playback to stop.

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To everyone here, please report this also to Fairphone, by #contactsupport. They prioritize issues based on incoming tickets. They don’t really monitor the forum for this.

That’s a slightly different issue:


Yes, that is the “extreme” consequence of the issue. Normally it just stops playing back, but when it gets hit with shadow/sun/shadow/sun in a fast changing manner (like sitting on the passenger seat of a car and going past a tree line) it can happen that the phone soft locks, until the voice message (in this case) is completely played back. But sometimes it is enough to walk through the forest with normal walking speed while listening to messages. Depends on the envirnomnment i am in. Soft locks means i can’t do anything with the phone and the screen goes black until the message is finished, press and hold the unlock button doesn’t work either. When it’s finished, the phone acts normal again.

I hope so, too (for all of you FP4-users). Just to dive in some history: There was exactly the same problem with the FP2.

With the FP2 it was a hardware issue with the proximity sensor. Maybe not all of them were affected, as a few people never had problems with it. I tried different FP2’s and different proximity modules. All of them had the same problem, in my case. There was no fix, except the workaround (use the power button to disable the screen manually in every call).

Fingers crossed support will solve this issue on the FP4!

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Well, in that case, I have the aluminum foil ready! :smiley: But I would much rather have some kind of software switch if it isn’t fixable.

Unfortunately it seems to be impossible to begin a conference call between more than 2 participants. Or did I overlook something?

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