Providers supporting esim on FP4? (Belgium)

Not as such a problem with the phone, but getting the dualsim working after figuring out it uses esim. My current provider in Belgium doesn’t support esim at all, no problem there as I can change … But when looking at other providers that do support esim for smartphones, they seem to have lists of supported phones … and of course none has FP4.
Orange, Mobile Vikings, Proximus, Telenet (only smartwatches even), …

Is there indeed a compatibility issue or are they just saying “NO” because they haven’t yet tested their system with FP4?

If there is an issue, then making lists of supporting providers per country might help.

I think asking the provider is faster. My Germen provider also does not list Fairphone (although they sell it) and they confirmed its working on all devices that have esim, the list is not including all devices

At first no support from Mobile Vikings, but after a request for more details they did add FP4 to the list of supported phones. So at least 1 mobile network available in Belgium, hopefully more to come.

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Hi all
I am with the Phonecoop in the UK and they didn’t know what I was talking about when I asked for the QR code to activate my eSim… They are looking into it though but haven’t come back yet. I do need the dual system because one of my Sims is for work, I didn’t exptect this to be an issue when I bought the FP4. It would have been helpful to point this out on the Fairphone website that the eSim might not be available, depending which network provider you are with.

yes there is a lot that might be helpful, but Fairphone cannot really think about each and every tiny little thing a customer might forget to do. Overall as an adult I still have obligations for myself to think about and check things upfront, and I think I hardly can blame others for my omission.

The e-sim is network orientated. Can you use maybe another network for the e-,sim. I doubt the phone co-op as a network will sort that with any urgency.

Did you buy the phone from the phonecoop and did you know one sim was an e-sim before purchase?

My operator in Sweden supports other phones with eSIM, but the ones they list are the ones they sell themselves. Might be the same for you.

I knew that the FP4 had an eSim but wrongly assumed, that my network provider, who is selling it through their monthly contract would be able to activate it (they piggyback on EE who offer eSim enabling). I am not expecting Fairphone to have a global overview on which companies are able to offer eSim but a little comment to check first before you buy would have been helpful. Anyway, if eSim is the future eventually Phonecoop will offer it as well (I hope quite soon since I need two Sim cards).

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Understandable but that’s like giving a warning to check the SD cards and bluetooth codes for earphones and accessories are compatible, though admitedly the sim is far more of an issue.

Maybe you could contact Fairphone about putting such on their specs ???

It is already in the specifications:

One physical Nano-SIM slot (4FF), 5G enabled* One eSIM, 5G enabled*

* Only one SIM card slot can be active on 5G radio technology at a time

Also, you indeed don’t strictly need a device from the support list of the mobile network. On the last Fairphoners meeting in Stuttgart someone successfully added a Vodafone eSIM to an FP4, even though this device isn’t on Vodafone’s website.

What could be good news for us is this:

If Apple is going for eSIM only, mobile networks will need to start offering it soon.


The idea of adding to the specs is ‘that not all carriers support e-sim currently’ not that e-sim is one of the ‘slots’. As you mention that is in the specs :slight_smile:

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Can confirm that Orange Belgium supports it, went to a shop and asked for them to generate the QR code, I am now using the e-sim in my FP4 on orange network.


Welcome to the forum and thanks for the ‘pos’ info.

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Maybe you could put your insights inside the fresh new wiki ? :smiley:

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