Provider with compatible eSIM in Germany

I just got my FP4 and realized that the second SIM has to be an eSIM. I’m currently using AldiTalk Prepaid and a PremiumSim contract. Only PremiumSim has the option for eSIM but as per their support, FP4 isn’t (officially) supported.

eSIM is a new topic for me. So now I’m wondering:

  1. How good are my chances that it’ll work anyway?
  2. are there any eSIM providers that officially support the FP4?

I couldn’t find answers neither in this forum nor via Google.


Welcome to the forum, Johannes!

The odds of an operator officially supporting FP4 seem to be relatively small from my experience - simply because the FP4 is a relatively rare device.

eSIM is sort of a standard, however. So even without official support it should work “in most cases”. The difference is that nobody will really want to guarantee that. So in the end you’ll just have to try, unfortunately.
Some people already use eSIM - including myself - and in general it seems to work as far as I can tell. In my case I’m using Congstar in Germany without any trouble.

But there are also exceptions like this:

If you search the forum for “esim fp4” or similar, you can find some additional examples of what works and what doesn’t.

PS: If you decide to try it with your current operator or somewhere else, then please report back so others can learn from it.


Very good.

Best wishes,

simplytel (Drillisch/O2) also works fine with eSIM although they don’t explicitly list the FP4 as an officially supported device.


Drillisch (smartmobil who sell the FP4) confirmed that they cannot list all devices, but as long as the phone offers eSIM it will work…


It worked! I can confirm Premiumsim is supported. Thanks all for your input.


Maybe you could put your insights inside the fresh new wiki ? :smiley:


After the last FP4 update eSim is also working with drillisch Before I had some problems with disconnections from the mobile phone net.


Thanks! Could you please add that information here?

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