Prototyping Shield with charging port (e.g. QI)

In this project I want to build a prototyping shield with space for a uC and a area where you can set up your own wiring. Additional I want to have also a charging port in which you can solder the wires of your qi-charger or whatever.

I will make a first batch of 10 PCBs, so if you are interessted tell me! :slight_smile:

On my hackaday channel I’m also blogging frequently, so you better check it out:

What is done:
PCBs ordered :black_square_button:
stencil recieved !!
components ordered :black_square_button:


I am interested and would take one. Are the chips already soldered on? Because i don’t have much experience there…

Also: Do you also have a case where this all fits in? I remember seeing you posting something like that.


@Drezil That`s cool :slight_smile: If you want the components placed I could do that :slight_smile:

I don`t have a case for this pcb but I will make one :slight_smile:


PCB just goes out to PCB-Service :slight_smile:

If you eant to increase your soldering skills, or need somthing soldered, just text me. Looks like it would not be a long drive as your are located close to me :wink:


Here you can see a few functionalities the PCB has on board :slight_smile:
Hope you like it :slight_smile:

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Wow, the PIRAFONE 2 has become a reality! :smiley: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

CC @Stanzi


Ouhhh shit :crying_cat_face::speak_no_evil::hear_no_evil::see_no_evil: I will change that :smiley:


any updates? :wink:


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PCBs are produced and will be shipped :slight_smile:
Parts should have been delivered but I wasn’t at home since monday…
And today I will order the stencil to get a good soldering result !! :slight_smile:

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good to hear. :slight_smile:

i just wanted a heads up, because i cannot wait to tinker with it :wink:

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That’s allways nice to hear !! :slight_smile:
I thought about programming an app to get a feeling for the serial communication :slight_smile:

This is what it will look on your phone:

Hope you like it !! :slight_smile:


looks great.

I already have my qi-charger ready and think about installing magnets for an usb-adapter-cable (like the macbook-plugs), so i can use my keyboard on my phone :wink:


I’m pretty excited how big the hole PCB will get in the end :smiley:

Okey do you have a sketch or so ? :slight_smile: sounds pretty cool !! :smiley:

But you know that the reciever circuit is not part of the PCB …

Why haven’t you linked to the page for this yet? Or is that against forum rules?


He did, in the right thread:


You are right the hackaday-page is about both projects !! :slight_smile:

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@Drezil I got myself this little guy !! :slight_smile:

Potential use for the prototyping shield:

-> IR communication ( )
-> adding environmental sensors like LDRs or air pressure sensor (temperature sensor allready included)
=> basicly you can add allmost every sensor
-> doing some light shows with the build in 8 blue LEDs or the WS2812B (also on the board)

=> so basicly the use cases are allmost endless and you can build whatever you like


I finished the designe of the new case for the DIY-extension and ordered it on shapeways !! :slight_smile:
I think sls-printing will work much better :slight_smile:


That case looks great :slight_smile:

My QI-Reciever is a bit different, but seems similar from the dimensions so it might also fit into that casing …

care to share the model for that?

For all others interested: Thats a little QI-Reciever from Amazon for upgrading your device (thus the micro-usb-adapter at the bottom).

I’m glad that this slowly takes shape :slight_smile: