[GONE] FP2 with broken usb port and water damage

im selling my FP2 from 2016, which is not charging via usb port because of water damage.
The problem is described in this post.
I dropped the phone in a river and retrieved it immediatelly.
Everything except the bottom usb connector is working fine.
The display is unscratched since i always used a screen protector.

  • New camera modules installed
  • Old camera modules included
  • 2 spare batteries
  • Some screen protectors
  • DIY shield from Cherry97 and 3d printed case included, soldered to an usb plug for charging the phone
  • Blue “new” case installed
  • Black “old” case included

Please contact me via fp2 (at) albert-it (dot) de if you’re interested, since I don’t log in here very often.
I’d sell the package for 50€.


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For detailed description see old post
Since the phone is just laying around i’d like to get rid of it so the new price is 50€ :slight_smile:
Anyone needs some spare parts?

Hello, I re-opened your old post and adapted the old price.

Perfect, I just couldn’t figure out how to do this.

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Hi, would you be willing to sell only the top module with 5 MP camera to me?