Protective Case, Back & Front (Display) Protection

Hello Community,

I’m using the official protective case & screen protektor. My phone fell down 1 meter for 3 times & there are 4 fractions (hopefully in the screen protector only).

Do you have a suggestion, where to get a protective case, that protects the front & the back of the phone (folding cover)?

Does FP-Company plan the introduction of a folding cover protection case in the future?

Thank U for Ur considerations!

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I doubt Fairphone are going to make a folding cover, but if you search this forum you will find links.

Temporarily, or permanently if you prefer, you can use clear nail varnish is go over and fill cracks, which will keep dust and moisture out. But this is not an ideal temp fix for the screen protector as if the crack is wide varnish may get through to the screen.

Please follow this link for other topics on this issue.


Thanxxx a lot, amoun, 4 Ur warm welcome & the useful Link!

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I got a flipcase now from Anna Treurniet (from Ur linklist) - fits perfectly, that´s excatly what I need.

Thank U for Ur support!

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Just thought I’d look at the one you bought. I note it says eco-leather, does that mean it is ‘vegan’ ???

I couldn’t see a detailed material description on the product page and there is other info. Of course I could ask them :slight_smile:
Did you get one of these maybe? Scroll down past the hand bag :slight_smile:

I got the (currently sold out) wine red flip case & it´s made of leather (non vegan). Ecoleather means, that tanning process is made with vegetables (Puccini Factory in Tuscany).
But Anna Treurniet also produces & sells vegan flip cases (without leather).

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…when U scroll down a bit in Ur link “Sustainability” U find information about vegan cases made of pineapple leaves… :wink:

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Hello, does anyone know of any protective cases for the FP4 that are waterproof or rainproof?

I want to use the FP4 as a SatNav on my bicycle.

I already have a quad lock on the bicycle so if I can find a waterproof protective case that it fits in comfortably I can stick a quad lock on that too quite easily. With the FP2/FP3 I used the waterproof bag for the WakaWaka bower bank but the FP4 is too big for that.

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