Problems with the sound in my both bluetooth car handsfree

Good morning everyone!

I’m owner from a FP3 since december, and in general I’m really happy with the concept and how it works.

I have a problem from the beggining that I have lived with it, but in fact is annoying. As I’m a taxidriver I use a lot the bluettoth hands free on my taxi, and on my private car too. And the problem, been different sound systems, is the same. It connects good, but when you make or receive a call it sounds bad. You can understand people but the sound is not clear at all, and its hard to follow a conversation sonetimes. The thing is that that is not happening with the bluetooth music on the same sound systems, and non of the other bluetooth speakers that I have.

Any idea? Thank you so much.

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Did you upgrade your FP3 to android 10? It solved many car-handsfree-bluetooth related problems.
See this topic about receiving android 10 upgrade if you didn’t: Poll: who got Android 10 Update on their FP3?


Hi Alex.

I did on wednesday, and the problemcontinues being the same…, 🤷

Hi @Dimas
Just noticed your post and wonder if you have sorted the problem, or how you live with it?

I have had the exact same problem in both of my car handsfree devices, one of which is integrated in the car, the other one is a third-party add-on. It’s only a problem with my Fairphone 3, and I have that problem also in friends’ cars with the Fairphone. Other (and even older) smartphones such as my old Sony, some Samsung, an iPhone and a Motorola (=devices of friends or family members) all work fine with all the bluetooth devices. So it is definitely a Fairphone-only problem and it is very annoying.

It’s not only the extremely distorted audio quality during phone calls, but also the volume control of the phone which does not work at all. Music plays absolutely fine over bluetooth, though. And the update to Android 10 did not change a thing.

I issued a support case on that problem almost an entire year(!) ago and nothing has changed. The support does not even seem to really care. It is me who must keep asking and asking, reminding over and over again during so many months and all I receive are just excuses and more excuses. Very annoying indeed.

I don’t know what else I can do. Buy a different phone, I guess.

Here the same problem: Music sounds very good, no problems, but Phonecalls are horrible.
Sound changing, “funny” noise etc. breaking sound
I use an Jabra Evolve 65 Headset.