Problems with selfie camera

Hey! Another issue everytime I try to use a front camera, it makes me as green as Grinch. What the root cause for this one? Any suggestions?

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Similar issue were noted with the FP3 if you search ~ I’ll look it up too.

EDIT: Example

Hey! Didn’t get that, do I need to replace camera on my recently bought phone? :scream:

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Did you try another camera app? Is it the same through Video Calls? Which interface do you use? Is you system up to date? If its really always with all use cases #contactsupport

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Yeah, the system is up to date. It’s trough the standard camera on FP4 since this device is not compatible with Google camera.

What do you mean the Device is not compatibel with Google Camera? Hardware or Software? There are Google Camera Ports available, but even without that you could try another Camera App

Edit: for example FP4 - Pictures Gallery - #5 by LibrePhoner

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Got my fairphone 4 yesterday. Tested it a bit and got some strange camera picture on the front camera. The Picture has a blue or green tint (depending from were the light comes). When I bend my phone downwards, so more light hits the camera, the the picture looks normal but from this angle selfies look terrible!
I have read in the reviews that the camera software was not final in october.
Any idea when a new software update comes?
I think it’s just a little software issue with wrong white balance of the front camera…

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Welcome to the Community Forum :slight_smile: I moved your post here because the issue was brought up and discussed here before (see above).


Thanks. Searched for front camera not selfie camera, so I couldn’t find this one…

Hi. Got the same problem. I tried with open camera and the problem still exists. But with open camera, I can change the white balance and then it looks normal… So I think its some software problem. From what I was reading the camera app is not final yet. I hope a software update will fix the problem…

Hi ! I fear it’s not only the camera app. When I use the front camera during a video call on WhatsApp, the image is blue-ish. It is even worse if I put my hand closer to the camera. So I think it’s an automatic filter.

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I installed open camera and set the white balance there. In open camera it was fine. Not in other apps. Then an update came in, nothing had changed. After a restart the blue is gone in every app I use.
So maybe install open camera, set the white balance so its correct, look for an update and install it. after that restart phone. Maybe.this will do the trick…


I have tried downloading open camera, changing settings, and installing the updates, but I’m still getting a pretty bad green tint on both front facing and selfie cameras…It’s fine in Open Camera but tinted in everything else (including video calls) and is super unflattering! Any advice please?

Can you show these examples? I don’t notice a green tint. Sometimes purple, when the light is not great.

Front facing and selfie, are they not the same??
This was reported in the FP3 too, you may like to read about it there. Search maybe for green tint/shade etc.
All the best

You have provided a link yourself in this thread (Dec 1st)

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have you searched for an update? and after installing and setting white balance in open camera tried a restart?

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