Problems with reception, WIFI and battery

Hi all Fairphone II users,

I’ve been suffering, the past months, from having often no receptions and getting disconnected to WIFI. Even in my own flat, I still have these 2 problems all the time. My flatmate has a different phone (same mobile newtwork and also with Android system) but these problems never occured. I was wondering if anyone is experiencing the same problems as I am?
Apart from that, the lifespan of my battery (the first battery upon purchase since 2015) is very short now, I need to charge it 2 times a day and when I use the phone, it often gets really really hot, I was wondering if I should purchase a new battery?

Thanks for sharing your experiences/opinions.


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Do you have the energy-saving mode active when the wifi loses connection? That was the problem for me.

L. G. Lukas

Depending on what you are actually doing when you use it, it may get hot, see

But it should not get boiling hot.

First you should investigate if there isn´t any app running wild draining your battery. Also maybe perform a battery reset according to the #batteryguide
You could give the accubattery app a chance to take a measuring of your battery performance. This could reveal if it´s time to be replaced.

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I had similar problems. In my case the connection problems got worse slowly before I discovered it’s cause:

I had no experiences with overheating, but the battery drained quicker - for sure - because the phone tries to transmit more and with higher power to establish and maintain a connection.

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Thanks Patrick! I don’t let apps running so much in general and also don’t have so many apps. I’ll try performing a battery reset :slight_smile:

Hello Lukas,

no, I don’t. The WIFI and network signals just got disconneted very often…

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think you better throw away your failphone and buy a phone that works. From technical point of view, FP2 is a disgrace

haha, well, this would be the final solutoin, but before coming to this point, I would like to see if I can solve it :slight_smile:

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this may solve the WiFi issue, which i has also been experiencing:

i was shocked seeing the date: Jan 2016 and it’s still not fixed mid 2018 !
anyway in my case that workaround didn’t even help :confused:

Did somebody enter it in the bugtracker? I don’t see it …

If nobody enters it, it hardly will be fixed, this forum is not an official channel …


Do I recall correct that FP could not fix it themselve as this was dependent on a fix Google would have to provide?
Maybe I am mixing this up with the Wifi battery drain bug.

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