Problems with FP3 battery after upgrade to Android 10


Fairphone 3 battery drains quickly after upgrade to Android 10. Is it happening to anyone else?


This is common after Android updates. Normally battery use goes back to normal after some time. A lot of background process run after update, for example all media files will be reindexed. If you have a lot of files, this will take some time. If battery use does not return to normal after a couple of days there may be a conflict between an app and the update - sometimes this can be diagnosed from the per-app battery use estimations somewhere in the settings menu.


Mine is draining very quickly too. At first i thought it was 4GLTE because it couldn’t connect securely so I changed to 4G but the last two days are showing the Google App ‘in use’ for nearly 7 hours and draining 30% even though I hadn’t used the phone! Disabled the app last night and the phone continues to drain quicker than it did but not quite as bad.

I noticed faster battery draining, too. I do not have any specific metrics to corroborate this perception, I did not record battery statistics with android 9.
Since no app is showing unusual behavior, I fear that the android 10 is either less optimized for fp3 or simply more energy hungry.

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The problem continues 15 days later… The battery manager in Settings does not detect apps with high consumption.

have you already checked the battery usage of your phone?
You can find this menu at Settings -> Battery -> three dots menu in the upper right -> Battery usage
there you can find statistics about the battery consumption of apps :slight_smile:


Hello from France,
i have the same problem since android 10 update is installed almost 2 weeks ago …
The battery level is dropping faster than before …

Good morning from Spain,
With Android 9 my battery endured 5 days, with Android 10 the battery stay 16 hours although the phone estimates a duration of 23 hours.
I send an image.
It seems unfair to buy a new battery. I want to go back to Android 9. What I can do ?

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For what it’s worth …

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Hello, I have the same problem. I updated to Android 10 two weeks ago, before the update the battery usually lasted for 36 - 48 hours, now I have to charge it every 12 hours (and there were no app reported in the battery usage section of the settings). I did a factory reset yesterday, we’ll see if it’s better.


Two days after the factory reset, the battery still drains very fast. It was full charged at 9h, it was at 10% at 19h, without any huge usage (a bit of radio streaming, twitter, firefox), at least half of the time it was idle.

I had the same issues with battery time after upgrade to android 10. I also got issues with sms taking very long time to send and found this topic. After turning off “Enhanced 4G LTE Mode” my battery time is almost back to normal.

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So I got my Fairphone 3 in March 2020 and it was great, could handle all the apps I was using like a normal phone up until around September 2020. then one day my battery just refused to charge. The only way it would charge was if I turned the phone off. I haven’t tried using it really until now (I used my old phone). I thought it was a physical problem like battery, but now I think it could be this.
Does anyone have a solution? If it has happened to so many of us then why hasn’t it happened with all other FP3’s?

I had problems with battery drain on Android 10 between the 3.A.0054 and 3.A.0066 updates.
Also uninstalled Firefox and a parcel tracking app from PostNord just before the 3.A.0066 update.

Since then I’m back to 3-5 days of battery life instead of 1-2 days

Bonjours j’ai également le même problème obligé de recharger mon téléphone tte les 6 h alors qu’il y a deux semaines je terminais la journée sans problème.

Il redémarre aussi de manière aléatoire.

Avez vous avancé sur vos téléphones, ou reçu un retour du sav fairphone ?