Problems with Fairphone service

hi all,

I am personally a happy user of FP4. My enthusiasm sparked a friend of mine to also order one. Unfortunately that didn’t go so well.

His phone was simply disfunctional (his microphone didn’t work well enough for calls to be possible). Of course he contacted FP, but he got into a seemingly endless loop of things he needed to try etc. It’s understandable for a little bit, but after multiple months he got tired, it was after all a new phone. His and my opinion is that FP should have swapped his phone for another one pretty soon.

In the end he was completely done with it and he just wanted his money back. even that was problematic and is still ongoing. It seems steps might finally be taken now, but only after threatening with legal action.

my question is: does anyone have similar experiences? If this kind of “service” is what may be expected, I will be very hesitant to buy from Fairphone in the future. I didn’t have a problem personally, yet I’m still very dissatisfied with how things went.

any thoughts?

Yes search the forum for ‘support bad poor’ etc.

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