Problems with calling and incoming calls after Android update

Efter the latest update of my FP3 I’ve been geting more and more issues vid both receiving calls and calling. This happens on a daily base right now. Restarting my phone worked untill today, but doesn’t seem to work anymore. Are that other suggestions besides switching off LTE mode, switching the simcard or switching off the wifi caller option.
Anymore suggestions?

Same problem here, when I answer a call, I hear nothing, nor does the other end. When I am trying to call someone, I never get a ringtone. Rebooting seems to work for now…

My problem is solved. It wasn’t the phone but apparently doesn’t the FP3 support my providers WiFi call abbility on the pre paid card I have! That could be a problem for more FP3s. I checked the card in another phone and called my provider when that didn’t work. The actively disabled the function on my simcard! Problem solved. I’m not sure if you have similar issues and maybe similar solutions. Good luck.


Hi Tim, could you please tell us which operator this was for future users with the same problem?


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