Problems with app permissions (get withdrawn although permitted permanently in settings)

Hi there, my second post and second cry for help :see_no_evil:

I have serious issues with app permissions: although I grant some apps all permissions possible, they are still not working or get ripped of the permissions although I explicitly changed the settings not to withdraw permissions.

Case 1: Because tere are no gestures in FP, I am using the app “Super Status Bar”. Once a day, the permissions for the app are withdrawn for no reason. On the first occasion, I frustratingly found no issue at all in the app permissions in settings (which were all still active) but later was able to restart the app, which automatically lead me to a settings menu to make the app usable again.

Case 2: As member of a volunteer fire department (:de: Freiwillige Feuerwehr) I have to rely on alarm coming from an app called PowerAlarm. I had issues with app permissions to enable the app to send alarms before, which was one of the main reasons for my to change to Fairphone. But unfortunately the issues with FP4 are worse than ever, and I have found no way to change that: altough all permissions are granted, there is no alarm coming.

Is this a fundamental problem with the Android distribution used by Fairphone? Can anyone help?

Thx in advance!

Having app permissions withdrawn within a day is nothing I ever even heard of. Usually Android does that after several months of not having used the app - and only for critical permissions such as location as far as I know. And it even notifies you once it did so. Have you ever gotten such notifications?

Just a guess: Could it possibly be the “battery optimization” that causes your trouble? Have you explicitly disabled this for the apps in question? Else Android will kill background apps that it considers to consume too much battery. The effect would of course be that they cannot send notifications any more - independent of the permissions. 24h seems like a normal time period for this behavior to occur in my experience.


Thanks for your answer, @mde! Actually, I checked the battery optimization at first, the “Super Status Bar” app gave my a hint at first start :sweat_smile:

I’m using the FP4 only for a couple of weeks now, but already received notifications that apps can i.e. access my location, but not for said apps.

However, I am not sure that the problem with “PowerAlarm” isn’t related to the app itself :man_shrugging: I already questioned the developer.

Do you use the standard Fairphone Operating System or any Custom ROM like e/OS?

I dont use any gesture navigation at all, but the FP allows gesture navigation, so is this just not sufficient for you?

Hey @yvmuell, I’m using the standard OS. I’m sure with gesture navigation you mean the navigation buttons on the downside of the screen, don’t you?
My last phone was a OnePlus 7 that allowed customizable gestures on the whole screen in stand-by, like doing an “o” for the LED-light. I really missed this and the mentioned app is able to bring back this function - in a very limited way :sweat_smile:

No, these buttons are just the opposite of the gesture navigation. But the standard gestures are only ‘open home screen’, ‘manage open apps’ or ‘go back’.

This is exactly what I meant, said gestures substitute the nav buttons. I am sorry I’ve not clearly expressed myself.