Problems when placing calls

For some time, when I make a phone call, I have (often or always) been receiving the error message “My contacts is not responding”. I can tap either wait or close - it doesn’t seem to make a difference. The message shows up at the end of the call.

In addition, when I try to make a call, I sometimes get a message saying “The call wasn’t sent”. There is no ring sound to be heard anymore at that point. If I repeat the call immediately, though, the call is placed twice: I end up hearing both the person answering one call, and their answering machine or the “busy” sound for the other call!

I have FP Open OS installed; I did the last update yesterday but it didn’t change anything.

Any ideas? Thank you!

Sounds like a combination of:


Well, yes… Almost. I have only one SIM card and I don’t cancel the calls myself (I think cancelling a call still works, luckily). The calls are indicated as “not sent”, so I try again. Which also means that the workarounds that I have read about don’t apply.

I think the message about the contacts is probably a separate issue (it shows up on the screen during calls, too). Has anyone else seen it?

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