Problem with touchscreen - Letter W and I goes ''Q or E'' and ''U or O''

I have a probleme with Letters W and I while typing a text message.
It’s like I’ve been typing the two letters that are just beside the W (Q or E)
The same happen with the letter I… The letters U or O appaers on the message.

Also, the left side of the screen, when I drag it, for exemple, to modify Photo to Video… Doesn’t work anymore.

Looks like many places on the touchscreen doesn’t work good.
Do you think I need to change the touchscreen or simply make an adjustment in the settings of the phone ?



Probably you need a new display module, yes. But first make the “Drawing” test in Settings > Maintenance > Checkup on your FP2 to verify the “numb” area of your display. :slight_smile:


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