Problem with my screen

Hi, I just got washing up product on the back of my Fairphone and now y screen is off. Is there anything I can do to repair this? I can’t find my screwdriver and have to buy one again but I really need your help! Please…Anne

I would treat the washing up product the same way as water.
So please have a read at the water wiki.


Hi, thanks a lot for this help. I can’t find my screwdriber and disassemble it, is it important?

It’s a common Phillips PH00 screwdriver. If you don’t have another one, there is a big chance you will know somebody owning one. It’s included in nearly every toolkit for electronics.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Yes it is important to take the phone apart.

Washing up liquid being thick requires wiping away before you try and clean. Using water will likely make things worse.

Once all the visible washing up liquid seems to have gone wipe with a damp cloth, which will show if there is any residue.

If you haven’t already removed the back cover and battery do so asap and then check where any washing up liquid may have entered the phone.

Did some get in via the usb, the jack socket, the buttons. Without a screwdriver you will not have an oportunity to see where the washingup liquid reached. Being thick it should spread so quickly but cleanig will be a long job.

Once you have the phone ‘clean’ go over the contacts and parts with very strong pure alcohol at least 60 % You can buy commercial Isopropyl alcohol which may be about 96% ~ this will help absorb any moisture that may have remained. The washing up liquid attracts moisture so it is not an easy job to clean.

Once you have a screwdriver ensure you put adequate downward pressure on the screws to stop the screwdriver turning in the screw head and making it very difficult to remove.

If you have to, go to a shop and buy a screwdriver or a repair shop and ask if they will dismantle the phone.

See Fairphone and the IFixIt guide


Thank you so much for all this information. Anne


Thank you!! :wink: It seems like my pogo pin connector is a little damaged. Could it be the reason my screen doesn’t work? Can I repair it by myself or not? I can’t see any spare part in the Fairphone shop…

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Hi Amoun,

I finally got my phone repaired. I first found my screwdriver and then opened it up and dried it as you wrote me. I left it open the whole night and when I closed it on the morning it worked. One tip : I used a little needle to move away the moisture that was in the grooves but better not go too deep and too fast.
Thanks for your help


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