Problem with LTE connectivity

Yes, Ingo: I had LTE in the 3 phones I used the SIM card in before.

@Baptiste - I tried resetting the network parameters like you suggested, but I that didn’t help for me.

I took a look at the signal strength, @Bene77 and that was pretty interesting! When the phone is set to LTE, I get -100 to -110 dBm. According to this graph I just googled LTE Signalstärke | LTE Leistung verbessern mit FTS Hennig that would not be enough for a stable connection.
When the phone switches over to EDGE, I get -89 dBm. Which isn’t great, but apparently enough for a stable connection.

So it looks like the phone has a problem with reception. Hopefully it is fixable in software and not a hardware problem!


“So it looks like the phone has a problem with reception. Hopefully it is fixable is software and not a hardware problem!” → Yes, that’s how it looks to me too.
I also hope there is a solution about in update.
As it is currently, I am not satisfied.

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I guess you have all contact support already? Else please do so, otherwise they will not be aware and cannot work on it. #contactsupport

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Yes, of course.
I’ve been in contact with support about this practically since I got the new PF4. Support is also working on it and I try to help with as detailed input as possible.


Hello together,

I received an info from support yesterday:
There is a new update available, which I installed.
With this update my problem are solved. The use of mobile data works perfectly!

I hope that your problems are also solved with the update.

@FP- Support: Thanks a lot! Perfect support!


Hi everyone!

just like with @Bene77, the new update helped, since then I have no problems getting an LTE connection. It also seems that the phone gets the mobile connection quicker than before.
I hope that the new update resolves the issue for the other users as well!

Thanks a lot goes to the @FP support team for pushing the update out so quickly!