Problem with hearing under 10% of battery

I didn`t find that kind of topic, so I write to you with issue: from a month, maybe two, when my FP4 is under 10% battery level, during phone calls I cannot hear the caller. It happens both on bluetooth headphones (I use Sennheiser Momentum true wireless 2) and when headphones are off. Does anyone of you has same problem? I have to say, it irritates me a bit.

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Although I use an FP3, my daughter has an FP4 and regularly runs the battery down to 1% ?? Neither of us have had such a problem.

So above 10% zero issues? Do you have any battery saver rules for below 10% that might somehow interfere?

I set battery saver from 30%. Above 10% calling isn’t an issue. I have described problem for month or two.

I would try to turn off the battery saver to see if it still happens and look further from there.

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Thanks, ok I’ll turn off battery saver :slight_smile:

In my experience, the battery saver on FP4 doesn’t save anything, so turning it off should be pretty harmless.

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