Problem with display of diacritics in Phone app's search

I have a weird diascritics issue. So far I only saw it in Phone app and not in Contacts app. When searched name contains a diacritic, bolding behaves strangely and diacritics jump to next character. Gave me a mini heart attack when I first saw it that my contats were corrupted :wink:

Despite what you may think, diacritic doesn’t actually need to be the first letter to reproduce this. As long as searched term contains at least one diacritic, I always see some bolding/jumping issue.

Is it worth raising a ticket? But maybe I should file it to Google, instead of FP team? It is Google’s application, after all…

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Well I confirm the problem anyway! (French names)

You could open a ticket with FP since they need to know but I would think that this is a generic A13 problem. Maybe look in some other fora.*

[Edit] - The problem is observed in A13 on FP3 and FP4 also, not specific to FP5, so I removed the tag.
However, not observed in other apps such as Google Contacts, Simple Contacts, Simple Dialler.
Limited to the Google (standard) Phone app.

It seems as you say, to be linked to the progressive showing of corresponding strings in bold type in contact entries that have been found.

Not a major problem seemingly, but should be fixed.

*Had a quick look in two search engines, I see no trace, so definitely please report this to FP support.