Problem with clearing caches of my apps

Hi everyone,

I desperately need help…:pray: I can’t clean the cachea of any if my apps. Everytime I push clean, on any app in the settings, it shows 0 but then number goes up again.
I have a “error form resubmission” appearing everytime I try to pay with any of my payment means and I was told it may be the cachea but I can’t even check if it is the reason, as I can’t cler them…Please, please help! I read everything I could and try safe mode, force stop and nothing works. I have no more ideas and I really need to be able to pay things…Thanks in advance for your help, ai really mean it!

Can you reinstall the affected app? If not did you try to clear its data (not just cache)?

Yes, I tried to clea caches app after app but after sayong O GB then it comes back immediatly like it had never been cleared,
I haven’t tried to clear its data. Honestly I ddn’t know we could do that and I don’t know how to do it on my Fairphone.
If you have any advice, I’m in! Thanks for your help!

The problem with payment apps on a Fairphone 3 can’t be solved. As of Android 13 security requirements by Google in Android 13 changed. Which means the fingerprint hardware in the FP3 is no longer seen as “secure enough” by Google for the highest level of access to certain Android APIs including unlocking the Android keystore. As Fairphone has to pass Google certification there is no way to “cheat” around this. Maybe custom ROMs can.

I tried but it doesn’t change anything. I push clear caches, it indicates 0 but just afterwards it comes back to 2,3GB (for example).

Firstly, make sure your app is up to date. Your problems may stem from there.

You can clear the data in the same way that you cleared the cache:

Settings > Apps > See all apps > choose your app > Storage and cache > Clear storage

Before doing that, make sure you have all the information required when using the app for the first time. Clearing the storage is equivalent to removing the app completely and then re-installing it.

If “Clear storage” throws an error, then uninstall and re-install.

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