Problem when upgrading the phone

When I wanted to upgrade my FP2, I got an error message that stayed, and impossible to turn off. So I removed the battery and put it back in place : only the white logo on a black background staying that way and i can’t turn off the phone

En voulant upgrader mon FP2, j’ai eu un message d’erreur qui restait affiché. J’ai enlevé et remis la batterie en place : seul le logo blanc sur fond noir apparait et reste, et toujours impossible d’éteindre le téléphone.

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Would have been nice to know which OS version you are coming from, and the error message. Anyway, here’s something you can try …

Keep the power button and Volume + pressed for about 15 seconds until the phone reboots, keep Volume + pressed further while it reboots until you get into the recovery mode, Team Win Recovery Project (or TWRP for short) should appear.

Worth a try when in TWRP …

A little more detail in between …

If this doesn’t work, download the “Manual installation” file for Fairphone Open OS from here (since you tagged openos) to a computer …

… and follow the following procedure with it (instead of using the ZIP archive offered there) …


Thank you very much AnotherElk.
I have the android version 7.1.2
I entered in TWRP, wanted to install update zip file but found the message : “this operation may install incompatible software and render your device unusable.” and then “no OS installed ! Are you sure to wish to reboot?” I went back and selected all partitions to backup (I had few time and didn’t have seen your other message…)
Even if I found the message "Unable to find partition for path ‘/system’, I found all my configuration without losing any data.
Now as soon as I have some time I’ll follow your instructions to install Fairphone OS. Thank you again

TWRP sometimes gives this as a false alarm. The cause is unknown as of now.
If you can reboot into the OS and everything’s working fine, then just forget this message.

Be aware that TWRP doesn’t backup Internal Storage this way.

This is a “feature” of the older TWRP version bundled with Fairphone’s current OSes, it has no consequences in practice.

thank you for these clarifications, I understand better!

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