Problem to unlock the FP4 via power button or anything at all

Hi there,
I got the new FP4 and was very happy with it up to the point when I wanted to lock the screen and unlock it again:

  1. Lock the screen by pressing the power button or by automated lock after xx time → result: always on display
  2. trying to unlock it by pressing the power button and then unlock the screen with the passcode or by scanning the finger print → result it works
  3. trying the whole process a second time → black screen, no always on display and no way to unlock it

The odd thing is, that the phone is not off you can hear the messages and it rings but now screen response.

What I tried:

  • turning it off an on a gain and removing the battery
  • Factory reset
  • removing the display reconnecting it

→ Result: no change

Now I don’t know what else to do. Can someone please help?

Thank you

Edit: grammar :smiley:

Welcome to the Fairphone community.
Your problem sounds quite similar to this:

But as the FP4 has no OLED screen, what exactly do you mean with ‘always on display’?


Thank you for pointing these out to me!

I’ll try another launcher as well.

Thanks again

I had a similar problem with the FP3 due to a new update that made the screen brightness very low, so I could see anything and the adaptive brightness forced it to the lowest level.

I switched off ~ removed battery etc. Finally I went to a very dark place and managed to drag down the notification bar and manually increase the brightness.

I then disabled adaptive brightness until the latest A10 update

I have seen other posts on the FP4 on this issue, so you may want to try the above.


yes I read through these but unluckly neither a new launcher nor turning off the adaptive brightness seem to help.


Also having this issue. First fairphone. Enjoying it otherwise.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Did you see the link above to