Problem OEM unlocking "Inner unknown failure"

I bought a FP3+ this month that I’ve received. I really want to install /e/ onto it. But, in the process, at the OEM unlocking step, there is a problem. It appears “Inner unknown failure” (during few seconds) ant “Processing” (until I skip). I haven’t changed parameters since I received the phone. So, I don’t know what to do.
I’ve sent a request to Fairphone.
I hope help will be jump over this problem because I really want to quit Android and use my phone.
Thank you.

Is your phone connected to the internet while trying to unlock? I think this is required for the unlock to work on Android 10.
You can try to obtain a adb logcat while trying to unlock, this should contain OemLockVerifier and OemUnlockPreferenceController output which might provide some details why it fails. (But make sure to remove your IMEI and Serial in case you want to post the output here)

Apart from that, there seem to be some issues with unlocking the bootloader, see also this thread.


Thanks a lot !
I turn Internet on and it works !
After that, on the phone, with the black screen and scriptures white/green/orange, I push bottoms as I think I have to do (in a wrong way I guess)… Android 10 restart again… I pushed more… /e/ has started ! I was able to parameter. /e/ seems work : for exemple I have a notification about a missed call, wifi is parameter, apps work…
On the computer, after that, It was written something hasn’t work and I have to do again. I don’t have any screen for congratulation about installing correctly /e/
So, do you think it’s really ok ? /e/ was installed despite of restarting of Android.
Thank you again for you quick answer wich help me perfectly.

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Can you post that output?

I don’t use /e/ myself, so I don’t really know about the installation, maybe someone else knows more. Or you could ask in the /e/ forum.

I hope did right… I closed Easy-installer.
I am just surprised that I saw Android10 as I did when I received the phone and same questions to parameter it. Even with that, the installation of /e/ seems worked. And also surprised by the invitation at starting again the installation.
Thank you again for your help.

I had the same problem, but in my case the problem was caused by the USB cable being plugged in w/ a adp session open. - Disconnected the cable and ran the unlock again and all was well :slight_smile:

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