Primary Microphone repeatedly not working

Hi there,

back in June the primary microphone suddenly stopped working, I received a new one, replaced it easily - “all was well”. Until last week: when placing or receiving a call, once again people complained about crackling sounds, as if i was in the middle of a huge storm, or didn’t hear me at all. At first, I could solve the problem by rebooting, than following the guidelines I took the module out and carefully reassembled all parts, etc. The latest update is installed. But for the past few days, nothing seems to help. I already submitted a help plea last week and have been waiting for a response ever since.

And even when that finally happens, I don’t know what to do. I need a working phone that I can rely on, especially for business reasons.

So are there any ideas of why the microphone keeps ‘breaking’? Am I doing sth wrong, whatever that might be? I’m seriously considering switching back to a ‘normal’ phone, no matter how much I love the idea and work behind this project.

Cheers! :pensive:

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