Price for shipping spare parts is a ripoff

I wanted to order a new back cover for my Fairphone, since the present one is broken. 27 € for the backcover, but 10.80 € for the shipment and 0.45 € for the visa fee is REALLY steep for shipping a piece of plastic… Is there any alternate option for finding a new back cover ?
Thanks! Daniel

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In my opinion EUR 10,80 I for international shipping including insurance, tracking and good packaging is perfectly reasonable. I live in Germany where DHL charges around EUR 7,00 for national shipping with insurance and shipping.
But somewhere in the community section of this forum there are some threads about spare parts and bulk orders to lower the shipping charges.

You don’t need to buy one, in most cases, the back covers are covered by the warranty. Just follow these instructions and youll get a new one:


Thanks for the warning, However you have entitlement for the refund.

regards, DHe

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