Possible to disable background updates and app updates when roaming?

Hi, I’d like to use data roaming abroad, but to limit my data usage by only using it to check my gmail, and not using it to check other apps eg. Facebook, Twitter and to do phone updates. Is that possible? Debs

You can go to Settings > Data usage, tap the Settings button again and tick “restrict background data” and untick “auto sync data”.
But then you’ll have to manually check for emails every now and then.

If you use Google Play Store, go to Settings > Auto-update apps and choose ‘Do not auto-update apps’ or ‘Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only’.

When back home again, you can revert to ‘Auto-update apps at any time’ if that’s what you prefer.

You don’t have to worry about phone updates (FP’s own) since these can be downloaded over Wi-Fi only.


an other option would be to use the App AFWall+. This is a Firewall that allows you to specify if an app is allowed to connect to the Internet. You also have the option to allow it just on special connection kinds (WIFI, Mobile, Roaming, VPN, etc.).

This gives you much flexibility but you also have to configure it for every App once.



Super… Thank you